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Japanese: Ramen

Anzen Shokudo Description

Anzen Shokudo stands as one of the elite ramen destinations in Fukuoka. A must-visit for ramen aficionados, this establishment serves up dishes that have patrons returning time and again.
The restaurant's ramen and fried rice have been consistently lauded by visitors. Those keen on sampling the delicacies should be prepared for generous portions – a feast that'll have you eating heartily. The ramen, rooted in the authentic Hakata tonkotsu tradition, strikes a perfect balance, with the soup neither too thick nor too watery. The experience is further enhanced by the addition of sesame seeds, pepper, and pickled ginger, allowing diners to tweak flavors to their liking.
Apart from the ramen, the fried rice is another showstopper. While usually seasoned with just the right touch of salt, the restaurant is considerate to adjust the seasoning based on its clientele. Pairing the fried rice with the ramen soup elevates the experience, making it impossible to resist.
The ambiance of the eatery complements the culinary excellence. It exudes the genuine essence of Japan – from the delectable dishes to the warm and kind-hearted staff. The atmosphere resonates with traditional charm and evokes feelings of nostalgia.

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Anzen Shokudo Overview


35-1 Yokohama, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka 819-0166


+81 (0) 92-806-2511


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10 minutes walk from Gakkentoshi Station

Operating Hours

11:00-16:00, closed Wednesdays

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Reservations Not Accepted

Take-out Available


Anzen Shokudo Reviews

Anzen Shokudo Google Average Rating



Excellent ramen shop!!
I’d recommend you to go 15 min before opening! There’s sprays a huge line but worth it!!
Ramen and fried rice are super tasty, but big!! Prepare your stomach for eating like there’s no tomorrow!!!


Translated from Japanese:
A ramen shop near Kyushu University Research City that always has a long line of people.
The ramen you can get here is Hakata's reliable tonkotsu ramen. Nice soup, not too thin and not too thick
Enjoy this ramen by adding sesame seeds, sprinkling pepper, and adding pickled ginger to change the flavor as needed😋
And we also had fried rice. Plenty of volume! Usually it's delicious with a hint of salt, but perhaps because I came with my kids that day, I felt that the seasoning was gentle and not too strong. By having it with the ramen soup, I couldn't stop eating the fried rice😂
Thank you for the delicious ramen and fried rice today


Translated from Japanese:
Lively store!
When I arrived around 11:30, there were about 8 people in line, and I was guided inside the store within 10 minutes!
Ordered a large bowl of ramen,
I also wanted to eat fried rice, but I gave up because the amount was so huge that I couldn't eat it.
There is no half fried rice or set.
The taste was not too strong and it was delicious.

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