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It's no secret that Tokyo is one of the best places to eat, especially if you're a food lover planning an upcoming trip to Japan. In the heart of Tokyo, around Tokyo Station, you'll find some of the best Tokyo restaurants...

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Dive into the rich tapestry of Japanese autumn with zenDine. We guide you to restaurants with curated autumn menus, showcasing the best of Japan's seasonal harvest. Experience the comfort of warming dishes and the sweetness of fall's bounty.

Chestnuts: Indulge in roasted chestnuts, capturing the essence of Japanese autumns in every bite.

Sweet Potato: Relish the earthy flavors of Japanese sweet potatoes, a staple during the cooler months.

Persimmon: Savor the sweet and tangy taste of ripe persimmons, a fall fruit favorite.

Oden Soup: Warm up with this hearty pot of broth, tofu, and vegetables, a beloved autumnal comfort food.

Let the autumn leaves guide your palate through Japan's gastronomic landscape with zenDine.

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Step into the world of Tokyo's cafes and eateries through Dish Notes. No frills, just honest notes about the delicious dishes we encounter during strolls. Join us on this casual food adventure across the city.


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Ramen Delight in Kagurazaka: Oreyu Shio Ramen's Citrusy Perfection 🍜

🍜 Just had the most amazing bowl of ramen at Oreyu Shio Ramen in Kagurazaka, @ramen_world_. Clear broth with a hint of citrus thanks to some citrus shavings, topped with greens, a perfectly boiled red egg, and delicious pork. It's perfection on a plate! 😋
You even get to choose your noodle texture - I went for soft, and it was just right. Plus, it won't break the bank at only 980 yen. They make their ramen fresh every morning, and the table is set with all sorts of toppings to customize your bowl - dried seaweed, grated kombu, plum, soy sauce on yuzu lemon, Spicy Oil, sesame, and burnt garlic paste.
While Oreyu Shio Ramen might not be in our top 10 ramen list on zenDine, it's a solid choice without the long lines. Great place and fantastic food! 🇯🇵
But let's talk about some hidden gems you won't want to miss!
👉 Head over to Tokyo Ramen Guide for our handpicked selection of beloved local ramen joints that even the locals rave about. From rich tonkotsu broths to innovative fusion bowls, Tokyo's ramen scene has something for everyone. Don't forget to slurp responsibly! 😄
Location: Kagurazaka, Tokyo
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