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Where are all the restaurants hiding?

It's no secret that Tokyo is one of the best places to eat, especially if you're a food lover planning an upcoming trip to Japan. In the heart of Tokyo, around Tokyo Station, you'll find some of the best Tokyo restaurants...

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Seasonal Menus in Japan


Welcome the vibrant rejuvenation of Japanese spring with zenDine. We introduce you to quaint cafes and serene restaurants featuring exclusive spring menus, where the freshest of Japan's seasonal offerings come to life. Indulge in the delicate balance of flavors and the colorful array of spring's bounty.

Sakura-mochi: Delight in the sweet celebration of spring with Sakura-mochi, a traditional wagashi (Japanese sweet) made from sweet pink-colored rice cake filled with smooth red bean paste and wrapped in a pickled cherry blossom leaf. This treat not only captivates with its flavor but also embodies the aesthetic of cherry blossom season.

Takenoko: Savor the crisp, bamboo shoots known as Takenoko, a hallmark of spring's arrival. These tender shoots, harvested just as they sprout, offer a sweet and earthy taste. Enjoy them prepared in various ways, from steamed and seasoned with soy sauce to being the star ingredient in a stir-fry, showcasing the versatility of spring vegetables.

Ichigo: Revel in the luscious sweetness of Ichigo, or Japanese strawberries, celebrated for their bright red appearance and juicy flavor. Whether served fresh, as part of a decadent dessert, or incorporated into confections like Ichigo Daifuku, these strawberries highlight the sweeter side of spring's palette.

Warabi: Experience the unique texture and flavor of Warabi, or bracken fern shoots, a spring delicacy often foraged in the wild. These shoots are appreciated for their crisp texture and nutty flavor, making them a perfect addition to salads, or simply blanched and dressed with a light soy-based sauce.

Let zenDine lead your spring culinary exploration, immersing you in the nuanced flavors and vibrant freshness of Japan's spring cuisine.

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Dish Notes

Step into the world of Tokyo's cafes and eateries through Dish Notes. No frills, just honest notes about the delicious dishes we encounter during strolls. Join us on this casual food adventure across the city.


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Tokyo Toranomon Hills Station Tower Curry Adventure: A Flavorful Find at Toranomon Hills

🍛 Just had the yummiest Japanese Style Chicken Curry at a newly opened Toranomon Hills Station Tower! 🏙️ It's on the 4th floor - easy to find and worth the visit! I picked the chicken curry - it had tender chicken and a tasty curry sauce. Japanese curry in general is less spicy than Indian curry, which I appreciate. It was a perfect choice for a chilly day in Tokyo, warming me up and tasting delicious! The curry was fragrant and flavorful, with tender chicken and colorful veggies on the side. Spiciness level was perfect if you're not into heat! And can we talk about the freshly cooked rice? 🍚 So good!
👩‍💼 I'm always on the lookout for tasty eats, and this curry hit the spot! Whether you're a tourist or a local, it's a a great, healthy, and quick option for lunch. Plus, it's a great value for your money! Only around 1000 yen. 💰
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Taste Events: Japan's Culinary Calendar

Explore our Taste Events Calendar to find exciting food happenings all over Japan. From age-old festivals showcasing local dishes to events highlighting unique flavors, there's a world of delicious experiences waiting. Whether you're a longtime food lover or just curious about Japanese cuisine, our calendar is your guide to the best culinary events around.

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