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Au Bon Vieux Temps

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Desserts: Cake

Au Bon Vieux Temps Description

Located in the heart of Tokyo, AU BON VIEUX TEMPS is a charming restaurant that specializes in Japanese cuisine. With its cozy and inviting atmosphere, it is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a delicious meal.

What sets AU BON VIEUX TEMPS apart from other dining establishments is its unique fusion of traditional Japanese flavors with a modern twist. The menu features a wide variety of dishes, ranging from sushi and sashimi to tempura and grilled meats. Each dish is expertly prepared using the freshest ingredients, ensuring a burst of flavors with every bite.

One of the standout menu items at AU BON VIEUX TEMPS is their signature sushi rolls. These rolls are beautifully presented and packed with a combination of fresh seafood, vegetables, and flavorful sauces. Another must-try dish is their tempura, which is light and crispy, showcasing the perfect balance of textures.

In addition to the delectable food, AU BON VIEUX TEMPS also boasts a stylish and elegant interior. The restaurant is tastefully decorated with traditional Japanese elements, creating a serene and welcoming ambiance. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner or a casual lunch, AU BON VIEUX TEMPS is the ideal choice for a memorable dining experience.

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Au Bon Vieux Temps Overview


2-chōme-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo City, Tokyo 103-8265


+81 (0) 3-3211-4111


1 minute walk from Nihonbashi Station Exit B1 on the Ginza Line.
5 minute walk from Tokyo Station Yaesu North Exit.  

Operating Hours

Sun: 10:30AM-7:30PM
Mon: 10:30AM-7:30PM
Tue: 10:30AM-7:30PM
Wed: 10:30AM-7:30PM
Thur: 10:30AM-7:30PM
Fri: 10:30AM-7:30PM
Sat: 10:30AM-7:30PM

Payment methods

Cash, AMEX, Diners Club

Restaurant Features

Take-out Available

Wheelchair Accessible



Stylish Interior

Au Bon Vieux Temps Reviews

Au Bon Vieux Temps Google Average Rating



The weekend cake lasts one week. The taste is a bit citrus flavor, simple but sophisticated:)
The original place is is Todoroki! I will try the original store as well.


This is a highly rated French pastry shop. I came here to celebrate my friend's new house. Since it was a holiday, I arrived a little before the store opened at 10:30, expecting it to be crowded. The store had just opened, so I didn't have to wait that long, but there were quite a few people in line when I left. If you have an item you want, we recommend that you visit the store early.

This time, I ordered two cakes: "Petit fours sec (small): 3,801 yen" and "Dumi sec (12 pieces): 1,721 yen."

The expiry date for petit four sec is about 3 weeks at room temperature, and for demi-sec it is about 1 week at room temperature.
The cake was different from the mainstream cakes and had a taste that I have never had before. I think I can recommend it as a gift.



Au Bon Vieux Temps Nihonbashi Takashimaya store

Go to Aubon Vieux Temps on the basement floor of Nihonbashi Takashimaya at Nihonbashi Station.

``AU BON VIEUX TEMPS'' means ``the good old days'' in French.
A well-known and long-established patisserie in Oyamadai, Setagaya Ward, since its establishment in 1981.
The only branch is located in Nihonbashi Takashimaya, and there are long lines on Saturdays and Sundays.
This is a shop run by Katsuhiko Kawata, the leading expert on traditional French sweets in Japan.

・Delice ¥471
A beautiful cake with strawberry cream sandwiched between biscuit dough.

・Opera ¥451
Rich and soft chocolate with mocha cream. And an elegant opera with the scent of brandy.

Awarded Tabelog Sweets 100 Famous Stores 2020.2022.2023. The reason why so many people choose this cake is because it looks new and has a nostalgic feel to it, with a touch of the French hometown.
Truly AU BON VIEUX TEMPS = the good old days.
Chef Katsuhiko Kawata, who will soon be 80 years old, continues to work in the kitchen every day and continue to create French sweets as a confectioner.It is clear that he values ​​classics and tradition very much.

The main store is closed on Wednesdays, so the number of items available is limited. I would like to visit the main store someday.
It was a feast.

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