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Bentenyama Miyako Sushi

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Bentenyama Miyako Sushi Description

Located in the heart of Asakusa, Tokyo, Bentenyama Miyako Sushi is a hidden gem that offers a unique dining experience. Specializing in sushi and seafood, this restaurant is a must-visit for sushi lovers and seafood enthusiasts alike.

What sets Bentenyama Miyako Sushi apart from other dining establishments is its commitment to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. The skilled chefs here take great pride in their craft, meticulously preparing each piece of sushi with precision and care. From the melt-in-your-mouth toro (fatty tuna) to the delicate and flavorful uni (sea urchin), every bite is a true delight for the senses.

The restaurant's decor is elegant and traditional, with a serene and welcoming atmosphere. The intimate seating arrangement allows for a more personal dining experience, where guests can watch the chefs in action as they expertly create each dish. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner for two or a memorable meal with friends and family, Bentenyama Miyako Sushi is the perfect choice.

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Bentenyama Miyako Sushi Overview


2-chōme-1-16 Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0032


+81 (0) 3-3844-0034


3 minute walk from Asakusa Station (Tobu, Toei, Metro).

Operating Hours

Sun: 12:00PM-6:00PM
Mon: Closed
Tue: 12:00PM-2:00PM, 5:00PM-8:00PM
Wed: 12:00PM-2:00PM, 5:00PM-8:00PM
Thur: 12:00PM-2:00PM, 5:00PM-8:00PM
Fri: 12:00PM-2:00PM, 5:00PM-8:00PM
Sat: 12:00PM-2:00PM, 5:00PM-8:00PM

Payment methods

Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted




Sake Selection

Bentenyama Miyako Sushi Reviews

Bentenyama Miyako Sushi Google Average Rating



Incredible sushi experience. Staff spoke English very well and were incredibly friendly and helpful. It was important to them for us to have an enjoyable experience and boy did they deliver.

The menu was very small which in my opinion are always the best places because they know what they do well and they stick to it. Each dish they brought we got a quick and simple explanation as to what we were having and that was it. Straight and to the point no fluff.

The food itself was incredible 10/10. Couldn’t have asked for a better staff/experience. This is probably the most glowing review I’ve ever left of a restaurant anywhere.


The wonderful food and hospitality here changed my culinary life.
Absolutely stunning traditional sushi.
If you have no Japanese at all I recommend you should go with a Japanese friend. I would recommend booking in advance.
My first visit was one of the most important culinary experiences of my life. And revisiting was just as wonderful.


Two words to describe: Simple & Great. No fancy looking stuff but lots of detailed techniques in prepping the sushi. Brings out the taste and texture of the fish very very well. Best sushi I have eaten in my life so far! Better than places like Kyubey. #secondtimeeatingwithintheweek #nextweekperhaps #edomaesushi #traditionalmethods #youshouldtrytoo

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