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Cafe Bimi Description

Cafe Bimi is a charming coffee shop located near the Sakurazaka Station in Fukuoka, Japan. This cafe has been selected as one of the top 100 cafes in 2022 by both the Kissa-ten Hyakumeiten and Tabelog, two prestigious restaurant ranking platforms.

What sets Cafe Bimi apart from other dining establishments is its cozy and inviting atmosphere. As soon as you step inside, you'll be greeted by the warm aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the friendly smiles of the staff. The interior is tastefully decorated with a mix of modern and vintage elements, creating a relaxing and nostalgic ambiance.

When it comes to the menu, Cafe Bimi offers a wide range of delicious options. Coffee lovers will be delighted by their selection of specialty coffees, including pour-over, espresso, and cold brew. Pair your coffee with one of their delectable homemade pastries or sandwiches for a satisfying meal. Don't miss their signature dish, the Bimi Toast, a thick slice of toast topped with a generous amount of creamy butter and homemade jam.

Whether you're looking for a quiet spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or a cozy cafe to catch up with friends, Cafe Bimi is the perfect choice. With its top-notch coffee, delightful menu, and inviting atmosphere, this cafe is a must-visit for anyone in Fukuoka.

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Cafe Bimi Overview


2-chōme-6-27 Akasaka, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka 810-0042


+81 (0) 92-713-6024


12 minute walk from Sakurazaka Station.

Operating Hours

Sun: 12:00PM-5:00PM
Mon: Closed
Tue: Closed
Wed: 12:00PM-5:00PM
Thur: 12:00PM-5:00PM
Fri: 12:00PM-5:00PM
Sat: 12:00PM-5:00PM

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Take-out Available


Cafe Bimi Reviews

Cafe Bimi Google Average Rating



I was very lucky because i found this place without any information.

Actually when i saw menu. I though i came in wrong place because i have a sweet tooth.
All most of menu is drip coffee that i didn’t expect it.
Even my mother also she don’t like bitter coffee.
So the server recommend mild roasting coffee for mother and i ordered kind of ice cafe latte.

It took some time and then i realized the coffee drip is not same like other coffee shop.
Also i feel sorry when they start ice carving for ice coffee.

After drink this coffee i find out i also like non sweet coffee. It was great experience.

Definitely, i will visit again.


After a 5-cup coffee journey in one day, we finally get here and had the most enjoyable coffee time in my whole trip time in Japan. The hand pour coffee made by the old lady is so smooth and comfortable. All we want to say is respect and wish the shop stay for a life long time.


Very nice coffee taste and the cake is yummy as well. Highly recommended.

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