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Chisou Sotakuito

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Chisou Sotakuito Description

Chisou Sotakuito is a highly acclaimed Japanese kaiseki restaurant located in Hiroshima. Renowned for its commitment to using various types of dashi (soup stock) and seasonal ingredients, dining at this establishment promises an extraordinary culinary journey accompanied by impeccable service.
One of the standout features of Chisou Sotakuito is the exceptional broth used here. Rare ingredients such as aged kombu and tuna are employed, and their maturation period varies depending on the dish, resulting in a depth of flavor that's truly remarkable.
The restaurant's aged sashimi is another highlight. Hiroshima is home to a gem where aged fish and aged sake are served, and the restaurant has been ranked as the number one restaurant in Hiroshima by Tabelog. This establishment, run by Chef Toshimasa Hirano, sources aged seasonal seafood primarily from Sasue Maeda and offers an extensive selection of sake curated by international sake connoisseurs.
The Uni tofu, accompanied by clam soup from Kuwana, bafun sea urchin, and caviar, stands out for its delightful sweetness. The conger, slightly grilled over binchotan charcoal, is wonderfully fragrant and flavorful. The Corn mushrooms and clams offer a delightful chewy texture, complemented by the deeply delicious Rishiri's kelp soup stock. The Grilled chrome with freshly shaved Japanese pepper is a treat, as is the Makonbu served with deep-fried Yamato sweet potato, both enhanced by their delicious dashi. The Tochigi roast beef, a prized A5 rank 12th grade dish, is a carnivore's dream. The rice cooked with crab, generously loaded with truffles, is a revelation, and the egg-cooked rice is equally divine. The meal concludes with a White sesame pudding that delights till the very last spoonful.
Chisou Sotakuito is an award-winning Japanese cuisine establishment that Hiroshima can take great pride in. The meticulous selection of dashi and seasonal ingredients, combined with an impressive sake selection, creates an unparalleled dining experience. The restaurant's unique offerings, exceptional dishes, and extraordinary drinks make it a standout choice for both locals and visitors alike.

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Chisou Sotakuito Overview


Suiki Building 1f, 5-1 Fujimicho, Naka Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima 730-0043


+81 (0) 82-249-0957


8 minutes walk from Chuden-mae Station on the Hiroden Ujina Line
10 minutes walk from Fukuromachi Station on the Hiroden Ujina Line

Operating Hours

Mon-Sat: 17:00-23:00
Sun: Closed

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Chisou Sotakuito Reviews

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Very good kaiseki restaurant in Hiroshima. The chef will take you to a journey using different types of dashi ( soup stock ) and seasonal ingredients. The result in an incredible experience with an impeccable service.


Translated from Japanese:
It was so delicious that I was really impressed. I felt that they were particular about the ingredients, and I felt that all the dishes served were really wonderful. I was able to spend a blissful time with the explanation of the husband's dishes in an easy-to-understand and fun way. Although it is luxurious, I would like to visit again on a special day. I was allowed to go for the second time. It was so delicious that I was impressed. I hope to go regularly from now on.


Translated from Japanese:
I think the dashi soup decides everything. The kelp from Hokkaido was stored like one of the displays in the shop, and I felt at a glance that it was cherished above all else. There is nothing to say about the taste. You can feel the careful work as soon as you eat it. It's a famous restaurant that you can't do without in Hiroshima. I think the soup stock determines everything. At a glance, I felt that the kelp from Hokkaido was stored like one of the displays in the store, and that it was cherished above all. The taste is... without saying. You can feel the polite work as soon as you eat it. It's a well-known store that must be in Hiroshima.

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