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Japanese: Ramen

Chukasoba Biriken

Chukasoba Biriken Overview


2-chōme-4-1 Kaminarimon, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0034


+81 (0) 3-3845-6577


3 minute walk from Asakusa Station (Tobu, Toei, Metro).

Operating Hours

Sun: 11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-9:00PM
Mon: 11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-9:00PM
Tue: 11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-9:00PM
Wed: 11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-9:00PM
Thur: 11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-9:00PM
Fri: 11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-9:00PM
Sat: 11:00AM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-9:00PM

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Chukasoba Biriken Description

Chukasoba Biriken is a hidden gem located in the bustling neighborhood of Asakusa, Tokyo. This cozy restaurant specializes in serving up delicious and authentic Chinese-style noodles, also known as chukasoba. With over 1,000 reviews and a loyal following of over 30,000 people, it's no wonder that Chukasoba Biriken is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

What sets Chukasoba Biriken apart from other dining establishments is their commitment to using only the freshest ingredients and making their noodles in-house. The skilled chefs at Biriken take pride in their craft, carefully hand-making each batch of noodles to ensure the perfect texture and flavor. Whether you prefer your noodles in a savory broth or topped with a rich and flavorful sauce, Chukasoba Biriken has a variety of options to satisfy your cravings.

One of the must-try dishes at Chukasoba Biriken is their signature Chukasoba Ramen. This hearty bowl of noodles is served in a flavorful broth, topped with tender slices of chashu pork, bamboo shoots, and a perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg. The combination of the chewy noodles and the rich broth creates a harmonious balance of flavors that will leave you craving for more.

The restaurant's interior is cozy and inviting, with traditional Japanese decor and a warm ambiance. The friendly and attentive staff at Chukasoba Biriken are always ready to assist you in choosing the perfect dish and ensuring a memorable dining experience.

If you're in the mood for authentic Chinese-style noodles in the heart of Tokyo, look no further than Chukasoba Biriken. With their dedication to quality and their mouthwatering menu, this restaurant is a must-visit for any food lover.

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Chukasoba Biriken Reviews

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I wish I had stomach for the aburasoba on the wall. The soup was very clean tasting and not MSGy, and the noodles were very yummy made. Chewy and substantial. I thought there was too much onion in the bowl, and the truffle didn’t add anything.

Service was a little cold but the shop was beautiful. Seats about 10 or so, and there wasn’t a queue on a Monday morning


Visually, a really nice looking bowl. The handmade noodles were the highlight. Arrived around 14:30 on a Saturday with no queue.

I should of gone with something other than the shoyu but didn’t do any research before arriving and was intimidated by the vending machine


When we reached this place at 10.35am, we were the first in line! Yay! By the time the shop opens at 11am, there was already a long queue! We ordered the 中華ソバ全部入り, which means the bowl with EVERYTHING in. This bowl of goodness cost 1150yen. This ramen is a 醤油ラメン, which means it’s soy sauce soup base. They are really generous with the amount of meat! There’s like 7 slices in total. There’s also one whole 味玉 (egg) in too. Love it. Oh, it’s duck meat, but comparatively to other duck ramen, the “duck smell” from the meat is not that strong. Great for those who don’t like the “duck smell”!


Translated from Japanese:

Visited in time for this year's work. I was completely confused by the ticket machine, and ended up adding salt and flavored eggs as usual, and using thin noodles. The soup was so delicious that I couldn't help but drink it, and since it was the end of the year, I thought it would be a good idea. At the end of the year, we also sell char siu...


Translated from Japanese:

It's a little late lunch today. The time was 14:30. I visited "Asakusa" ❗️ It's an inbound tourist ~ Even though it was a weekday, there were waves of foreigners. Let's head to the store that was marked before "Asakusa". ☑️I was...


Translated from Japanese:

I went there before 12:00 on Sunday, and there was no wait. I was lucky because there was a line of 7-8 people right away ✌️ I ordered hand-rolled Chinese noodles for 1,350 yen. First of all, I was impressed by how delicious the soup was. Elegant and light soup, duck cha...

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