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Craftsman | Craft Beer Bistro Description

Craftsman | Craft Beer Bistro is a unique dining establishment located in Tokyo, Japan. This bistro specializes in serving a wide variety of craft beers from all over Japan, along with delicious bistro-style dishes. With 31 different craft beers on tap, beer enthusiasts will be delighted by the selection available.

What sets Craftsman apart from other dining establishments is their commitment to using high-quality ingredients. They take pride in sourcing their vegetables, seafood, and eggs directly from local producers, ensuring that every dish is made with the freshest and most flavorful ingredients. The menu features a range of bistro dishes that highlight the flavors of Japan, including their signature homemade charcuterie.

The restaurant itself provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a meal with friends or a romantic evening out. Whether you're a craft beer connoisseur or simply looking for a unique dining experience in Tokyo, Craftsman | Craft Beer Bistro is the place to be. Come and indulge in their delicious bistro cuisine and discover the perfect craft beer to complement your meal.

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Craftsman | Craft Beer Bistro Overview


1st Floor Grace Gotanda 2-chōme-18-3 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa City, Tokyo 141-0031


+81 (0) 3-6420-3402


5 minute walk from Gotanda Station (Toei Asakusa Line, JR Yamanote Line, Tokyu Ikegami Line)

Operating Hours

Sun: 5:00PM-12:00AM
Mon: 5:00PM-12:30AM
Tue: 5:00PM-12:30AM
Wed: 5:00PM-12:30AM
Thur: 5:00PM-12:30AM
Fri: 5:00PM-12:30AM
Sat: 5:00PM-12:30AM

Payment methods

Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Restaurant Features

Take-out Available

Reservations Accepted

Wine List

Craft cocktails



Sake Selection

Stylish Interior

Craftsman | Craft Beer Bistro Reviews

Craftsman | Craft Beer Bistro Google Average Rating



[Has an English Menu]

This was a find whilst walking aimlessly down the backstreets of Gotanda, looking for some dining inspiration.

If you like beer this place will suit you with around 30 taps on offer; I started with a familiar Shikokku before exploring a few other tastes on the extensive beer menu. Also don’t look past the Lemon Sour on Draft; it’s an absolute homemade beauty!

They also do tasty tapas-style plates. I tried the cheeseboard, lamb shish kebab, and pickled cucumber and ginger. The 2 standouts were the potato salad with homemade bacon - a salty, smoky, creamy portion; and the apple which is covered in sugar and flamethrowered brulee-style before being topped with crushed pistachio. A strong blue cheese is put on the side as a contrasting dip.

The staff here are very attentive and busily shuttling around from kitchen to bar to table so you won’t wait long to get a refill.

The setting is super nice to; A minimalist moderb open-plan in attrative wood finish with loads of tables or bar seating options.

Overall a great experience; will be back again. Maybe even today!


We started out with 2 tasting sets, which was made up by customers choice of 3 beers. In total we tried about 10 beers, local and international, which is awesome for people who love beer, but also great for people who aren’t exactly sure what they are looking for in a beer.
The fries and dips were a delicious starter, we ordered a variety of food. The steak was outstanding!
Easy location to access, fun atmosphere and very affordable!


I will recommend this restaurant!!
Because It’s cheaper than I thought and very tasty 😋
This restaurant has 31 types of beers and wine and Japanese sake.
This day we have ordered 6 dishes and 1 dessert.
The most delicious dish is pic 1 ,the appetizer (especially the dish in the white bowl — chicken liver)
Creamy and it doesn’t has any strange flavor !
And the second delicious dish it’s the French fried!!!!!!! The 3 types of sauces is the point!! Regular mayo ,Celery,Red pepper.
Pic 3 it’s mushroom salad ,raw mushroom is so fresh and the sauce taste delicious!
Pic 4 it’s tuna and smoked taro.tuna is half raw . And the taro it tastes like .....I can’t describe🙈it’s soft and sticky ,very special 😂
And the pic 5!!!! I love it! Sausage and Mashed potatoes. Eat sausage together with Mashed potatoes OMG 😋it’s heaven (probably because I love Mashed potatoes too much ha 🙈)
Pic 6 coriander and tiny fish(?!)with rice in the casting iron pan. It smells so good and tasty 😋 if you put in the pan more longer and you will have crispy rice ,I think that it’s the point of this dish👍🏻
Now ,it’s dessert time!! Japanese dessert (Monaka) mix with western dessert (blueberry jam,blue cheese , vanilla ice cream and beans)
Maybe I like it!! So special,the point is the blue cheese I think . Sometime sweet and sometime salty,it wasn’t let you sick of it!
And I drunk one rose wine and one orange wine. I am not an orange wine’s fan 😜

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