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Japanese: Curry

Curry Ya!cong Description

CURRY YA!CONG in Sapporo prides itself on creating 100% additive-free soup curry, ensuring a pure and wholesome dining experience that tantalizes the senses. Celebrating the rich bounty of Hokkaido, the ingredients shine in their freshest and most vibrant forms, creating a delightful symphony of flavors.
The soup curry stands as a testament to the passion and craftsmanship poured into each dish. A delicate balance of salt and spices infuses the soup, cradling the essence of each ingredient in a tender embrace. The result is a gentle yet profound taste that caresses the palate, allowing the natural sweetness and umami of the ingredients to flourish in a harmonious blend of flavors.
At CURRY YA!CONG, patrons are greeted with generous portions, ensuring a deeply satisfying and nourishing meal. Each bowl is a canvas of diverse ingredients, from the vibrancy of fresh vegetables like zucchini, tomato, and enoki mushrooms, to the heartiness of choices such as chicken and pork, each contributing to the richness and depth of the soup curry.
The commitment to excellence is palpable in the careful preparation and presentation of each dish. For instance, the soup, characterized by its light and elegant taste, is simmered for hours, allowing the flavors to meld and intensify, resulting in a beautifully refined and delightful culinary creation. The lightness of the soup curry, combined with its ability to be customized in terms of spiciness, provides a versatile dining option that can be tailored to individual preferences.

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Ir Yamahana 1st Floor, 2-10 Minami 16-jo Nishi 6-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0916


+81 (0) 11-211-0019


2 mins walk from Seishu Gakuen-mae Station

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Thurs-Tues: 11:30-15:00
Wed: Closed

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Curry Ya!cong Reviews

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Translated from Japanese:
The thorough commitment from frying the onions is worth a meal!
At first glance, the smooth soup will surprise you when you put it in your mouth! The rich and rich flavor spreads throughout your mouth. Still, the aftertaste is surprisingly refreshing. Only salt and spices are added to the base soup that we are proud of. However, this richness, this flavor
Chicken is Shiretoko chicken
Pork is Rusutsu barley pig
Both are first-class in both taste and aroma, and you can enjoy the marriage with the soup.
One of the most famous Sapporo soup curry restaurants. I can confidently recommend it as the most delicious restaurant in Sapporo.


Translated from Japanese:
Chicken vegetable curry with rice. All soup curries come with boiled egg and plain lassi. The soup is light and is an excellent soup that you can eat and drink every day. The chicken thighs are plump and the vegetables are sweet and delicious.


Translated from Japanese:
A delicious soup made with carefully selected ingredients Add spices, salt, meat fat, and vegetable sweetness and bitterness to make soup curry like a work of art every day. i think it's perfect

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