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Japanese: Teppanyaki

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Daiei Description

Hidden within the city's intricate maze is Daiei, a charming family-run sanctuary that boasts beef of unparalleled quality. Their beef, often hailed as a masterstroke of culinary artistry, is a rhapsody of flavor and texture. When expertly paired with a fine red wine, it crafts an ethereal gastronomic tale. Among their signature offerings is the A5 Kobe Steak, immaculately seasoned and cooked to pure excellence. Accompanying this is an array of dishes, including the tantalizing Uni/beef/caviar sushi, the A5 Beef carpaccio lavished with Italian truffle and garlic essence, and the fragrant garlic rice that resonates with flavor.
While the beef reigns supreme, Daiei's menu also extends its embrace to other gourmet wonders. Raw meat preparations shine brightly, and for those venturing off the beaten path, the aromatic curry rice is an unexpected delight. Seafood enthusiasts are catered to with the grilled shrimps and scallops, each crisped to golden perfection.
However, the soul of Daiei lies not just in its dishes but in the hospitality it showers. The proprietor, aided by a diligent team, goes the extra mile to connect with diners, embracing diverse languages to ensure a universally delightful experience. While the A5 Wagyu understandably commands the spotlight, the undisputed No. 1 beef on their list stands as a testament to Daiei's culinary prowess.
To sum it up, Daiei is not merely a dining spot but an experience. It promises beef of celestial quality, diverse gourmet dishes, and an outpouring of genuine warmth. Given its allure, it's no surprise that many pledge their return even before leaving.

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Daiei Overview


104 7 Chome-1-17 Shinohara Minamimachi, Nada Ward, , Kobe, Hyogo 657-0059




10 minutes walk from Hankyu Oji Koen Station
10 minutes by car from Kobe Sannomiya
591m from Maya Station

Operating Hours

Open: Monday-Sunday
Closed: Thursday & 3rd Wednesday

Payment methods

VISA, Master Card, Cash

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Reservations Accepted


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Daiei Reviews

Daiei Google Average Rating



This small family-owned restaurant didn’t disappoint! For a spontaneous trip to Kobe the next day we called and had a reservation the next day. Not the fanciest place as it felt like a regular izakaya but it was literally THE BEST BEEF we every had! It was like an orgasm in my mouth. The beef was marbled to perfection paired with some red wine. We ordered their 2 Uni/beef/caviar sushi,A5 Beef carpaccio w/ italian truffle and garlic paste, 2 servings of 200g A5 Sirloin Kobe Steak, Garlic Rice. We paid ¥31,000 for everything including a bottle of a decent red wine. Honestly this is a no brainer. Please do me a favor and just book here!!! The owner and staffs were very accommodating and they even tried to speak English to us even though I can speak a little bit of Japanese.


The raw meat was awesome. And I really loved the curry rice. Unfortunately the curry rice is only available for people who ordered the Kobe beef. There's only 2 of us and too much food!! I would love to only have the curry rice. Best curry rice I ever had. Yums! I didn't think the chef speciality beef was worth it. It's some cold beef served with peppercorns.


Real good. Wish they had more choices of Kobe beef. They have only one which is sirloin Kobe $80 a plate. So yummm. Couldn't make a reservation ourselves since the automatic answer machine was in Japanese. Luckily the place was not so busy so we got seats.

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