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Located in Tokyo, Due Ligne + is a unique dining establishment that offers a fusion of French and Italian cuisine. This restaurant sets itself apart with its innovative menu and elegant decor. The name 'Due Ligne' translates to 'two lines' in Italian, which represents the combination of two culinary traditions that are expertly blended together.

At Due Ligne +, diners can expect a culinary experience like no other. The menu features a variety of dishes that showcase the best of both French and Italian cuisine. From classic French dishes like Coq au Vin to Italian favorites like Risotto, each dish is carefully crafted with the finest ingredients and presented with artistic flair.

The restaurant's interior is equally impressive, with a modern and sophisticated design that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the stylish furniture to the soft lighting that sets the mood for a memorable dining experience.

Whether you're a fan of French or Italian cuisine, or simply looking for a unique dining experience in Tokyo, Due Ligne + is the perfect choice. With its fusion of flavors, impeccable presentation, and elegant ambiance, this restaurant is sure to delight even the most discerning food enthusiasts.

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41 Ichigayayanagicho, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 162-0061


+81 (0) 3-6457-8842


1 minute walk from Ushigome-Yanagicho Station.

Operating Hours

Mon: 6:30PM-11:30PM
Tue: 6:30PM-11:30PM
Wed: 6:30PM-11:30PM
Thur: 6:30PM-11:30PM
Fri: 6:30PM-11:30PM
Sat: 6:30PM-11:30PM
Sun: Closed

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Chef Seno, a genius chef, restarted the restaurant last year.

Dueligne Plus

The previous store, Doeligne, was located on Yotsuya 3-chome, but after a two-year hiatus, it finally reopened last year! !
I've been waiting! ! ! That's what it feels like!

Chef Seno's cuisine is beyond delicious.

I've been to various French and Italian restaurants over the past 15 years.
It's one of my top three favorite restaurants in that genre.
Incorporating Japanese and Chinese elements, you can enjoy carefully selected dishes and wine that go beyond the bounds of conventional wisdom.

It was delicious, but Masayoshi himself went there as well (lol)

But that's true, this is a great place with nothing but delicious food! !

Last month I went to an a la carte party for the first time in a while!
It was so delicious I was in agony!

I thought I wouldn't hold an a la carte event for a while.
Due to the influence of Manbo, it looks like the a la carte event will continue for a while, so I'll have to go again during the event!
I'm excited.

Of course, I also like exciting courses where you don't know what will come out.
When it comes to Chef Seno's cuisine, I have the urge to choose what I like, so I'm happy to have the a la carte option.

I'm having a private party with my gourmet friends who went to Doueligne for the first time in 5 years in mid-February, so I'm looking forward to it!

Before that, I have to go solo to the a la carte party!
I'm so glad you're back...

If you saw this post! Please go and try it!
Delicious food will definitely come out!


A visit with the food analyst's wife.
The chef politely answered the questions my wife asked one after another.
The dishes prepared right in front of you are all new genres.
I'm glad there's a store like this nearby 🤗


Italian, but also Chinese, ethnic, and French?!
An exquisite restaurant that is freshly prepared without preparation!

This is an omakase-style restaurant frequented by the chef.
On this day, I had a double main course of beef and duck.
Well, I like appetizers, but it's so good that I'm happy🥺

Delicious from the first item, the foie gras burger.
I thought it would be sweet, but the use of astringent chestnuts adds a slight bitterness.
I want to eat it forever.

The second item is Spanish mackerel finished in a Chinese style.
There are many shops where it is difficult to reheat and it is dry.
It's so soft that you don't need teeth.

Is the third oyster dish also gratin? It's so rich.
But it has a somewhat nostalgic taste that makes me want to drink it every morning.

The 4th dish, lotus root mochi and eel, was my No. 1 dish of the day!
The texture of the crunchy eel and the chewy lotus root mochi is well balanced.
Accented with a sour sauce.

The red crab ravioli was also very elaborate and delicious.
In fact, all of the items are difficult to prepare.

For dessert, we had pudding, apple pie, and basti.
Personally, I liked the creamy Basti the most!

Most of the dishes are prepared right in front of you, from the chopping of the ingredients.

It's a counter kitchen, so you can watch the cooking process.
What is that ingredient? How is it cooked?
I can't stop being excited!
The store only has a counter, so you can get close to the chef.

It's handmade from scratch, so it's best to take your time.
This day started at 19:00 and finished at 23:00.
Time flies when you're enjoying the conversation.

Recommended when you want to enjoy a meal in a homely atmosphere!
Menu I received that day
Add to favorites◎
・Elderflower juice
Omakase course
◎Foie gras and chestnut terrine/crispy espresso that resembles roasted chestnut skin
→It's yen with sweet chestnuts in it.
◎Mie Spanish Mackerel/Shungiku and Mougins Sauce/Shungiku/
・Saroma oysters, enoki mushrooms/trumpet mushroom tartare
◎Lotus root mochi/cooked eel/Benedictine and balsamic sauce
◎Red crab ravioli
・Xiao long bao/salsiccia made from pasta dough
◎Kinmedai risotto / Pickled wood ear mushroom, ginkgo and raw peanuts / Gifu dragon eyes (rice)
・Shin Shin
・Tagliatelle cacio e pepe/beef euf bourguignon
・Blue-necked duck/visceral blood sauce
・Caramel pudding burnt to the limit
◎Basque cheesecake
・Freshly baked apple pie
[Business hours] 18:00-23:30
[Regular holiday] Sunday
[Advance reservation] Required
[Budget] 20,000 yen
[Address] 41 Ichigayagi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
S Valley 2F

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