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Located in the heart of Kobe, Entre Nous is a French restaurant that offers a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Entre Nous specializes in French cuisine, offering a menu that showcases the finest ingredients and flavors. From classic dishes to innovative creations, each plate is a work of art that delights the senses. The talented chefs at Entre Nous are masters at combining traditional French techniques with Japanese influences, resulting in dishes that are both familiar and surprising.

What sets Entre Nous apart from other dining establishments is its attention to detail and commitment to excellence. The restaurant's interior is elegant and sophisticated, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests. The staff at Entre Nous are knowledgeable and passionate about food, providing exceptional service and ensuring that every guest has a memorable dining experience.

Some of the standout dishes at Entre Nous include the foie gras terrine, the roasted duck breast with cherry sauce, and the decadent chocolate mousse. Each dish is expertly prepared and beautifully presented, making it a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner for two or a special celebration with friends and family, Entre Nous is the perfect choice. With its exquisite cuisine, elegant ambiance, and impeccable service, this French restaurant is a true gem in the heart of Kobe.

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Entre Nous Overview


1-chōme-25-6 Nakayamatedōri, Chuo Ward, Hyogo 650-0004


+81 (0) 78-855-3571


4 minute walk from Sannomiya Station (Hanshin Electric Railway)
6 minute walk from Sannomiya Station (JR Sannomiya Station, Hankyu Railway)

Operating Hours

Sun: 12:00PM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-12:00AM
Mon: 5:30PM-12:00AM
Tue: Closed
Wed: Closed
Thur: 5:30PM-12:00AM
Fri: 5:30PM-12:00AM
Sat: 12:00PM-3:00PM, 5:30PM-12:00AM

Payment methods

Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted

Wine List

Craft cocktails


Private Dining Room


Sake Selection

Wheelchair Accessible

Stylish Interior

Entre Nous Reviews

Entre Nous Google Average Rating



Have a blissful time at Chef Takayama's new restaurant, which is attracting attention from all over the world ❤️

◎Taste the Season Menu Saison ¥16,500

✔️Color the fresh greenery
white shrimp and fuki
Fresh onions and snap peas
Thin bean tartlet
✔️Surf clams, celery velouté, umami
✔️Mr. Shimanaka's green asparagus, abalone, eggplant, confit
✔️Kagawa Prefecture Manabe-san
white asparagus
Souffle ice cream
✔️Today's fresh fish, warm vegetable salad
✔️ Takasaka chicken from Takasaka chicken farm, white miso, asparagus, Française
✔️A dish that takes care of the ingredients
✔️From Rurikei Goat Farm
Schubre Olive Oil Li-Ore
✔️ Matcha created by Mr. Kurazumi from Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture - Mille-feuille created with passion
✔️Small baked goods
Chocolate Cep Florentine

The owner is Chef Hideki Takayama, who has won the Bocuse d'Or International Culinary Competition twice🧑🏼‍🍳

Maison Dotaka in Ashiya has opened a new store in Sannomiya ♡

In the center of the store is a U-shaped counter with a solid feel, and a wooden decorative wall created by the chef's younger brother, carpenter Naoki Takayama.

Not only the ingredients but also the tableware and cutlery are mainly Japanese 😍

I was impressed by the space filled with Chef Takayama's passion and the variety of dishes 🥹
It was truly a blissful time♡

I really recommend it ❤️

The menu seems to change every two months, so I'd like to visit again 🍽️

Please come and visit with your loved ones 🥰


It's already art! I am satisfied with both the food and the service. I want to visit in different seasons


A restaurant run by a talented chef who is participating in the Bocuse d'Or International Cooking Competition. Not only does he have outstanding technical skills, but he also has an outstanding sense of taste, but above all, this is a restaurant that pursues the perfect ``pursuit of beauty,'' with its gentle and delicate cuisine, dishes, interior decoration, and everything else dyed and coordinated in the alpine colors. Come visit the beautiful Takayama world♪

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