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4-chōme-6-1 Hongō, Bunkyo City, Tokyo 113-0033


+81 (0) 3-3811-3851


3 minute walk from Hongo-sanchome Station.

Operating Hours

Sun: Closed
Mon: 11:30AM-2:00PM, 5:00PM-8:00PM
Tue: 11:30AM-2:00PM, 5:00PM-8:00PM
Wed: 11:30AM-2:00PM, 5:00PM-8:00PM
Thur: 11:30AM-2:00PM, 5:00PM-8:00PM
Fri: 11:30AM-2:00PM, 5:00PM-8:00PM
Sat: 11:30AM-2:00PM, 5:00PM-8:00PM

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Funakane Description

Located in the Hongo area of Tokyo, Funakane is a charming restaurant that specializes in eel cuisine. With its cozy and traditional decor, stepping into Funakane feels like entering a hidden gem of Japanese gastronomy. The restaurant's unique feature lies in its mastery of eel dishes, offering a menu that showcases the versatility and delicate flavors of this beloved ingredient.

One of the standout dishes at Funakane is their signature grilled eel, which is cooked to perfection over charcoal. The eel is tender and succulent, with a smoky flavor that pairs beautifully with the accompanying sweet and savory sauce. Another must-try dish is the eel rice bowl, where the perfectly grilled eel is served on a bed of fluffy rice, creating a harmonious combination of textures and flavors.

What sets Funakane apart from other dining establishments is their commitment to using only the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. The attention to detail in every dish is evident, from the precise grilling of the eel to the careful balance of flavors in the sauces. The knowledgeable and friendly staff are always on hand to guide diners through the menu and offer recommendations, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

For those seeking an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine, Funakane is a hidden gem that should not be missed. With its cozy atmosphere, exceptional eel dishes, and dedication to culinary excellence, this restaurant is a true delight for food enthusiasts and lovers of Japanese culture alike.

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Funakane Reviews

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Went at lunch. Delicious unagi lunch - slightly expensive and not a large volumen but worth it for the flavor. Looks family run - you can actually seem into the family home at the back at times. Very few seats so be ready to wait if you come at busy time.


Family run business. Very friendly and amazing food


A few minutes from the Hongo 3-chome intersection. Around 13:00
I happened to be passing by, and the menu caught my eye, and I found the Unagijuge for ¥3,080! I went in impulsively (lol). A group of customers.
As I enter the store, I especially welcome you! There is no voice. Auntie stares...
It looks like an old family run shop.
You can see the grilling area, and the eel that has been prepared is piled up on top of each other. Once you place your order, the chef will start grilling the food.
For some reason, the aunty brings me bones, then water, and then fresh incense one by one, but she leaves them behind without saying a word, like in a middle-class restaurant.
Wearing weight in about 15 minutes! Looks good enough!
First, take a sip and it's soft. The sauce is refreshing and not too strong, which I like. It's a soy sauce base with a mild sweetness. The bones were almost perfectly processed, and the amount of rice was just right.
When I ate 1/3 of it, I thought it was sprinkled with Japanese pepper, but it didn't come out at all. . .
I wonder if the Japanese pepper hasn't been replenished. I sprinkle it on while pounding it, but the flavor is not good enough. Is it the one you put in yesterday? I would like to change it every day if possible. . .
The soup costs an extra ¥330 and is a tear-jerking cut. . . I want the upper and special grades to be full of liver. The eel is delicious, so I would like to see a little more service spirit.


Translated from Japanese:

I ate eel ju in preparation for tomorrow's Minato City Half Marathon, which starts in front of Zojoji Temple. This is a delicious eel restaurant in the neighborhood. Both the grilled liver and unagiju had an unmistakable taste. The beer was also great. The deliciousness of this eel...


Translated from Japanese:

It's not expensive but it's not cheap either. Is eel like this? I'm glad there's Shirayaki! I went there because I wanted to eat Shirayaki, but I also wanted to eat Kabayaki, so I ordered Shirayaki with less rice and ordered Kabayaki as well (lol) Rice...


Translated from Japanese:

Today I've been in eel mode since morning and decided to go to Funakane for lunch. Sometimes the smell of eel suddenly crosses my mind or hits my nose, and at those times I can't resist arrows and shields. I feel like my body is craving eel and kabayaki. ...

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