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Japanese: Sushi

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Gahoujin Description

In the heart of Fukuoka lies Gahoujin, an exclusive reservations-only haven for those passionate about an unmatched dining experience. This establishment seamlessly intertwines traditional sushi craftsmanship with contemporary nuances. Over a menu spanning roughly 20 dishes, patrons are treated to a captivating array from enticing starters to sumptuous sushi and rolls.
Gahoujin's reputation as a sushi trailblazer is further cemented by the personal touch of Chef Takashi Kawashima. He takes it upon himself to enrich every diner's experience, meticulously guiding them through each course.
Challenging even the revered standards of Tokyo, Gahoujin stands out with its commitment to sushi excellence. Their embrace of non-traditional ingredients sets the restaurant apart, resonating with diners who value novelty. Paired with their cost-effective offerings and a diverse array of beverages, including a curated collection of local sake, they ensure a harmonious dining experience.
The seasonal omakase course is a testament to their dedication to quality, showcasing ingredients like prized tuna, tiger prawns, and the intricately prepared sea urchin and conger eel sushi. Each ingredient echoes the vibrancy of Fukuoka, sourced freshly from both the local central market and the esteemed Toyosu market.
The attention to detail, particularly the vinegared rice crafted to complement tuna, underscores Gahoujin's commitment to perfection. Their expertise is palpable in every bite, down to the finest nuances.
Gahoujin isn't just about food; it's an odyssey of flavors and traditions. A place where expectations are routinely surpassed, marrying comfort with opulence.

Gahoujin Overview


Lane Round Building 3f, 3-20 Nishinakasu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka 810-0002


+81 (0) 92-726-6289


13 minutes walk from Nakasu Kawabata Station, Exit 1 on the Subway Airport Line
10 minutes walk from from Tenjin Minami Station, Exit 4  on the Nanakuma Subway Line

Operating Hours

Seating Times:
Sun-Mon: Closed
Tue: 18:00, 20:30
Wed-Fri: 13:30, 18:00, 21:30
Sat: 11:00, 13:30, 17:00, 19:30

Payment methods

Cash, VISA, AMEX, Master Card, JCB, Diners Club

Restaurant Features


Private Dining Room

Reservations Required

Sake Selection

WiFi Available

Stylish Interior

Gahoujin Reviews

Gahoujin Google Average Rating



One of the highlights for family holiday in Fukuoka. Great ingridients prepared with such dedication. Big thanks to Chef Takashi Kawashima, who thoughtly used iPad to guide us through every course!


2 hour Omakase. Wonderful. Fukuoka is setting standards in sushi that need to be followed in Tokyo.


Translated from Japanese:
We ate at the counter for 6 people.
The atmosphere was sophisticated like a tea room, and the general was a friendly person, so I was able to enjoy the meal while talking.
I heard that the rice was made to match the tuna, but it really brought out the umami, and the texture of the tuna and the accent of the rice matched well. The other single dishes are also delicious with a gentle taste without smell.
High-end restaurants tend to be very picky about the ingredients they don't like.
I really want to go again. I think it's a good store that matches the price.

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