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Located in Osaka, Gessen is a renowned restaurant that has been awarded the Bronze prize in 2024 by The Tabelog Award and also selected as one of the top 100 Chinese restaurants in the West. Specializing in avant-garde Chinese cuisine, Gessen offers a dining experience like no other. Imagine dishes like striped horse mackerel smoked with jasmine tea, prawn taro cooked in clear soup with morning sky chili flavor, and foie gras marinated in Shaoxing wine and steamed at low temperature. These creations not only push the boundaries of traditional Chinese cuisine but also incorporate elements of Japanese and Western culinary techniques, creating a truly unique and imaginative menu that has been praised for pioneering a new horizon in Chinese cuisine.

Headed by Chef Sanshiro Okada, Gessen's culinary philosophy revolves around exploring uncharted territories of cuisine, deconstructing and reconstructing classic dishes with vibrant originality. The restaurant's minimalist and refreshing interior design provides a perfect backdrop for diners to savor the sensory journey of each dish. With a selection of over 2000 bottles of natural wines in the cellar, Gessen offers a complete gastronomic experience that celebrates the artistry and innovation of Chinese cuisine. Whether you are a food enthusiast or a culinary adventurer, Gessen promises a dining experience that will expand your palate and redefine your perception of Chinese cuisine.

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1-chōme-6-4 Nishitenma, Kita Ward, Osaka 530-0047


+81 (0) 6-6366-0055


4 minute walk from Naniwabashi Station on the Keihan Nakanoshima Line.
5 minute walk from Kitahama Station.

Operating Hours

Sun: Closed
Mon: 6:00PM-9:00PM
Tue: 6:00PM-9:00PM
Wed: 6:00PM-9:00PM
Thur: 6:00PM-9:00PM
Fri: 6:00PM-9:00PM
Sat: 6:00PM-9:00PM

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[Check Point]
■The visual impact and taste of green pepper meat lining with meat is amazing.
■It's cheap and delicious even if you eat a large portion
■Enjoy high-quality Chinese food in a homely atmosphere

Chukunina Gessen is a creative Chinese restaurant located in Naniwabashi, Osaka that is extremely difficult to reserve.

Located about 5 minutes walk from Keihan Naniwabashi Station or Kitahama Station.

From the outside, it's easy to find on the first floor of the building, with white walls, glass and brown wooden doors. The landmark is the square golden sign with Gessen written on it.

The interior is a homely space with the atmosphere of a local Chinese restaurant, with 6 seats at the counter and 12 seats at tables.

Telephone reservations begin on the 1st of every month, and a fierce battle begins for the 18 seats. This time, I was invited by a regular customer to visit Zentairiki Honganji Temple again.

Chef Okada's Chinese cuisine has a creative and unique approach, and many of the dishes are beautiful and visually impressive.
Every Chinese dish is delicious, with numbing, spiciness, and umami added to the quality ingredients sourced from all over the country.

This time, I had a great time chatting with Chef Okada at the counter!

Starting with the originality of the appetizers, we ordered the stable water spinach and green pepper meat paste this time as well.
The first dish I had was the hearty spiny lobster chili, which had a satisfying body and the perfect chili sauce with a good balance of sweetness and spiciness, which went well with the rice.
Crab balls are an exquisite dish in which you pour a soft egg on top of a male snow crab. This was also great.
The fried rice is delicious on its own, but the ground duck thigh seasoned with curry flavor is the best.

Chinese food with genius seasoning and originality is unique.
I want to visit again!

Omakase course
■6 types of appetizers
・Drooling chicken
・Scallops, seaweed, Chinese soy sauce
・Octopus with Japanese pepper
・Stir-fried senor stick with ham yui, snow crab topped with XO sauce
・Shrimp fries
・Smoked horse mackerel with jasmine tea
■Yellow radish mochi, bean sauce
■ Stir-fried water spinach
■Ise lobster chili
■Cold Chinese rice noodles
■Snow crab crab balls
■Miyazaki beef A5 Uchimomo green pepper meat thread
■Kinka ham and white shrimp fried rice, ground duck curry
■Seafood yakisoba with clams, scallops, and stirred squid
■Soup noodles
■Almond tofu

◆I would appreciate it if you could save it as a reference◆
instagram: 66shuki
Twitter: 66shuki
TikTok : 66shuki


I was able to visit you for the first time in a while. Mr. Tsukiizumi.
Reservations start on the 1st of every month.
This restaurant is known for being extremely difficult to reserve.

Leave it to me on this day.
I requested what I wanted to eat.
○Request oysters
Since I wanted to try a variety of things, I also had half of sweet and sour pork and half of green pepper meat.
Sweet and sour pork is quite rich and melty.
It's soft enough to fit your chopsticks in, and although black vinegar is used, it's not too bitter.
The meat used in the green pepper meat is quite luxurious and thick, and it is delicious.

You can also request the finishing dish.
Fried rice, noodles, etc.
This time I requested noodles. It's plain
It was a great way to end our Chinese meal.

The final dessert was sesame dumplings. It can be served piping hot.
*There was also almond tofu.

There are also many types of alcohol.
Please bring me various things.
Share a bottle of sparkling.
We also had Shaoxing wine with our food.

It's delicious no matter what you get.
Considering the content, the cost performance is also good.
The service from the store is good.
This time, there were few staff, so we left the store after 11pm.
Last time I visited, it was early.
I think it was a coincidence.

I would like to visit you again.


It is no exaggeration to say that it is the No. 1 Chinese restaurant in Kansai!

for each menu
A shop where you can feel the passion for respecting the original and pursuing how to evolve it.

It was a really delicious and fun restaurant, from the Shirako Mapo Tofu to the green pepper meat paste made with the best beef!

A shop I definitely want to visit again

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