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Japanese: Ramen

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Ginza Hachigo


Ginza Hachigo Description

This restaurant offers a simple yet luxurious dining experience, with a focus on Chinese noodles. Chef Matsumura's expertise and techniques are evident in every dish, with carefully selected ingredients and a soup that perfectly complements the chewy, crisp noodles. While the menu may be limited, each dish is crafted with precision and care.
In addition to the delicious noodles, the restaurant also offers a unique miso soup with a light flavor that won't overpower the taste of the soup. For those looking for something new, the 'Rabiori Gourmet's Chinese Soba' offers a fragrant French-style ravioli topped with truffles and foie gras. And don't forget to try the soups, which are crafted to bring out the sweetness of the ingredients without using Kaeshi.
The restaurant operates on a numbered ticket system, and is only open until sold out each day, so be sure to arrive early. While there may be some inconvenience with the limited seating and ordering system, the experience is worth it for the ultimate ramen in the French style that has even been recognized by Michelin.

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Ginza Hachigo Overview


Daiichi Hanabusa Building 1f, 3-14-2, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061


3 minutes walk from Higashi Ginza Station, Shintomicho Station (Tokyo Metro)
10 minutes walk from Yurakucho Station (JR)
284m from Higashi Ginza Station

Operating Hours

Numbered ticket distribution 9:00~
Business hours 11:00~
*Ends as soon as the planned number is reached
Open: Tue - Sat
Sometimes open on Monday, check social media accounts

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