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Hiryu Ramen

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This restaurant specializes in making delicious healthy ramen that's really and truly good for you. Augmented by a blend of premium clam-infused ‘shoyu’ soy sauce, from four different Japanese prefectures, they use a special blend of 4 different kinds of natural seafood seasoned salt, incorporating dried seafood and ocean herbs - dried kombu kelp, large and small dried Japanese sardines, dried Japanese mackerel and more! - to flavor the broth for their three types of in-house hand made ramen noodles. Their broths offer an inspired strictly seafood light and mild option - absolutely chock-full of flavor - along with a rich, fortifying chicken, pork and seafood one. Enhanced with different kinds of concentrated shellfish to add to the rich umami flavor, people who’ve eaten at the restaurant especially loved the innovative seafood ramen broth. In every respect, this restaurant takes great care with each ingredient and element of their ramen dishes. If you enjoy ramen, this unique ramen shop is not to be missed!

Japanese: Ramen, Soba

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Hiryu Ramen Description

“We are committed to the ‘craft’ of healthy ramen that is truly good for you.”
We have a distinct mission: ‘Crafting healthy ramen that caters to everyone's well-being.’ Guided by our owner/chef's philosophy, the journey into flavor begins with our commitment to the quality of our ingredients and to our creative and innovative approach to them.
When it comes to depth and flavor, we use four types of premium natural salt, all full of the hundreds of trace minerals naturally occurring in all good true salt. One is from Kagawa, two are from Okinawa and one is from the Hyogo Prefecture. We combine these with a unique combination of several types of dried seafood and ocean herbs including dried kombu kelp, classic Japanese ‘katsuo bushi’ dried shaved bonita and dried ‘niboshi’ and ‘urume iwashi’ small and large Japanese sardines to create something special.
’Shoyu’ - soy sauce, a cornerstone of Japanese cuisine, becomes an art here. We pasteurize and clam-infuse five distinct premium shoyu varieties – one each from Shimane, Aichi, Fukuoka and two from Kyoto – to produce a diverse flavor palette significantly enhancing the ramen experience.
Noodles, the soul of any ramen bowl, are meticulously tailored in-house by hand in three styles. The unparalleled flavor is thanks to the strict use of the signature 'Kitahonami’ strain of wheat flour, natural salt from Kagawa and local fresh Kyoto wellspring water.
* ‘Hosoimein’ features a kind of slender Japanese angel-hair noodle.
* ‘Baimen’, the second variety, embraces classic white Chinese linguine-like noodles, traditionally used in Chinese fare, distinct here for their 'kansui'-free, free of the synthetic food additive binder common in Chinese white noodles.
* ‘Futomein’, the third offering, is a large ‘fat’ noodle boasting a hearty thickness, requiring a full eight-minute boil and simmer that promises patience-rewarded perfection.

We offer two ramen broth options, both crafted with precision, for a healthy, rejuvenating and hearty fortifying experience.
* Our seafood stock, a gentle and balanced creation with a broad ‘umami’ flavor profile, combines dried kombu kelp, small and large dried ‘niboshi’ and ‘urume iwashi’ Japanese sardines, classic Japanese dried shaved bonita ‘katsuo bushi’, and dried Japanese ‘saba’ mackerel to offer a broth that's light, soothing and yet incredibly full of flavor.
* On the other hand, our chicken and pork stock incorporates carefully selected local Kyoto chicken and pork infused with local clams and Japanese ‘murugai’ mussels to yield a robust, savory, surprisingly fortifying blended ramen broth.

Table-side, you'll find unique world class condiments to further enhance your Hiryu Ramen ‘Adventure’ with us:
* Original ‘Hiryukou’ Aromatic Spice Mix: proudly recommended with any of our dishes. Made with a proprietary blend of Japanese, Chinese and European spices, enjoy surprising yourself with the unique flavor!
* Classic Black Pepper:  known for its aromatic zest, freshly ground in one of the pepper mills on hand, provides a satisfying edge to every bite.
* House Vinegar Blend: a custom blend of black and white ‘komei zu’ rice vinegars contributes to a harmonious transition of flavors.
* Classic Parmesan Cheese: grated parmesan cheese is on hand to add to your ramen, as you like.

Hiryu’s patrons’ own words capture our restaurant's essence: The delicate broth and well-crafted noodles form a symphony of flavors that leave a lasting impression.
For those seeking authentic and health-conscious ramen made ‘from scratch’, we present an irresistible invitation. Our dedication to ingredients and the ramen culinary craft make us a must-visit ramen shop for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike!
With a seating capacity of seven at the counter and nearby coin parking, the journey to flavor is made all the more accessible.

Hiryu Ramen Overview


234 Daimonjicho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto 604-0907


+81 (0) 75-600-9146


6-minute walk from Exit 3 of Jingu-Marutamachi Station on the Keihan Oto Line
7-minute walk from Exit 3 of Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line
On Kawaramachi Blvd. between Nijo Blvd. & Marutamachi Blvd. on the West side of the street

Operating Hours

Lunch: 11:00 AM-3 PM (last order 2:30 PM)
Dinner: 6PM-12:30AM (last order 12:00 AM)

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Restaurant Features


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Unique Dining Experience

Restaurant Highlights
Handmade ’Craft’ Noodles for Every Palate
Made only from signature 'Kitahonami' wheat flour, natural salt from Kagawa and local Kyoto fresh wellspring water, we offer three types of in-house handmade noodles, each with its own unique texture and flavor.
All prepared naturally chewy, ‘al dente’ or extra firm on request, our thin ‘Hosoimein’ Japanese angel-hair are perfect for those who prefer a slender noodle with a chewy texture. While the natural classic ‘Baimen’ white Chinese linguini-like noodles we prepare offer a lighter taste, made without the 'kansui' food additive binder usually present in Chinese white noodles. Our large ‘Futomein’ or ‘ at’ noodles have a firm and bouncy texture.
With such variety, there's a noodle for every palate to enjoy!

Seafood Ramen Broth for a Light and Gentle Meal
Our seafood stock is made with a unique combination of various types of shellfish and ocean herbs that produce robust flavor without making it too heavy. Guests constantly leave positive comments, praising the soup's lightness and great taste. If you're in the mood for a gentle yet incredibly flavorful ramen, our seafood ramen is not to be missed!
Dedication to the Finest Ingredients Makes for an Unforgettable Experience
We meticulously curate each ingredient of our ramen menu to make each bowl and each bite a memorable one. Our guests sheer delight in how our ramen presents, and then the stunning deep ‘umami’ flavor profile the shellfish ramen provide, sincerely rewards us daily. Combining super friendly staff and incredibly delicious food, we’re so proud to know Hiryu is a ramen shop in a class of its own.

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If you're hungry and looking for some down-to-earth, delectable goodness, this ramen joint is calling your name. Imagine savoring handmade noodles seasoned with just the right condiment options, each with its own special twist. And those in-house handmade noodles? They're like a warm hug, from the chewiness the signature 'Kitahonami' flour provides to the familiar white Chinese noodles they prepare, naturally, the way they used to be. Now, let's talk about those broths: one's a light seafood high-five, and the other's like a cozy blend of chicken, pork, and seafood secrets. So, if you're up for a real-deal taste adventure that's all about the love of good food, this is the ramen spot you shouldn't miss.
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Hiryu Ramen Dishes

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