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Midori Heights 1f, 2 Chome−1601, Uedanishi, Tempaku Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 468-0058


+81 (0) 52-802-5525


7 minutes walk from Exit 2 of Shiogamaguchi Subway Station, across the Ueda Nishi Pedestrian Bridge.

Operating Hours

Mon: Closed
Tues-Sat: 1:00-14:00, 18:00-20:00
Sun: 11:00-14:00

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Ichiyoken Description

If there's one ramen shop that stands out in a country renowned for its culinary expertise, it's Ichiyoken. Highly recommended by locals and tourists alike, Ichiyoken isn't just a ramen shop – it's an experience.
Diners universally hail its taste as unparalleled. Having tasted numerous ramen bowls across Japan, many find that nothing comes close to what Ichiyoken offers. The ramen here doesn't just satiate your hunger; it captivates your palate.
What makes Ichiyoken so exceptional? Their signature lies in the pork bone broth. This isn't your average broth; It is a creamy concoction that wraps itself smoothly around homemade noodles, setting the standard for what tonkotsu ramen should be.
The Kaedeka soup's consistency can be adjusted to your preference, be it thick or thin. For those with a penchant for spices, the spicy miso offers a unique blend of heat and an unexpected touch of sweetness, while the Korean ginseng vinegar packs a flavorful punch.
Noodles are an art at Ichiyoken. Their homemade variety ensures a perfect consistency, harmonizing with the rich broth. The menma (bamboo shoots) offer an authentic, thick texture that adds another layer of complexity to the dish. But it's not just the noodles that shine. The char siu, especially the rare large cuts, is so good that many believe it justifies the price on its own.
Despite its modest size, the shop's popularity is evident in the persistent queue outside. This level of patronage is hardly surprising for a 4-star establishment that's brushing the heights of a 5-star rating. The shop's ambiance complements its culinary offerings. Regulars note that ever since its inception, Ichiyoken has been immaculately maintained, always clean, and free from any overpowering smells.
Ichiyoken is where the essence of Japanese culinary craftsmanship meets a passion for flavors and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

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I miss this ramen i ate 3 times a week when I stay near here, uncomparable ramen shop, must try guy's, you will not disappoint by the taste, most recommended ramen for me here in japan. I already taste a lot of ramen here but no one can bit this so far, and Very accomodating staff.


Translated from Japanese:
I'm in the neighborhood so I visit from time to time. A delicious ramen with a creamy pork bone soup that has no odor and is coated smoothly with homemade noodles. The authentic and thick texture of menma gives an impact to the soup and noodles.


Translated from Japanese:
Special Black Menma ¥1,310
It's my first visit
The medium-thick homemade noodles have a chewy texture and are very delicious.
I think you can drink the pork bone soup cooked in a hagama without much smell.
I also like the feeling of mar oil.
The bamboo shoots have plenty of wood and have a crunchy texture that is satisfying to eat.
Thank you for your meal


Translated from Japanese:
I received the special black flavored egg for 1,220 yen. The last time I had it was four and a half years ago, and I don't remember much about it, but it was my first bite, and it was a gentle pork bone. It was a kindness that I will never remember. The noodles are medium thick and a little soft.
The overall perfection of the dish is evident from the photo, and the balance remains intact even as you continue to eat it. It's a delicious cup until the end. Thank you for always giving me a delicious cup.


Translated from Japanese:
I arrived after 12pm and was lucky to be seated right away. The tonkotsu soup, which has no odor at all, and the smooth and chewy noodles are a perfect match. Menma is very delicious, but the amount of menma in the menma ramen was way too much than I expected. The staff's greetings were pleasant and the inside of the store was very clean.

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