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Imoto Description

Nestled in the heart of Fukuoka's Chuo Ward is Imoto, an award-winning gem that masterfully crafts a symphony between vegetables and seafood. This prestigious establishment operates on an appointment-only basis, ensuring that each diner is treated to an exclusive and personalized experience.
The culinary brilliance of young Chef Imoto shines through in each dish. His dedication is palpable as he constantly monitors the dining floor, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed and every patron feels cherished throughout their meal.
This restaurant epitomizes the gentle culinary ethos of Kyoto-style omakase. Each dish is an intricate ballet of precise work and subtle seasoning. While the offerings might not dazzle with extravagant ingredients, the essence of a nourishing, heartwarming meal is omnipresent.
The team at Imoto seamlessly marries the freshest seasonal ingredients with timeless cooking philosophies, ensuring a delightful dining experience. The dishware, meticulously chosen to enhance the food's allure, adds another layer to this multisensory journey.
An impressive selection of Japanese sake complements the courses, curated to perfection by the team to elevate each dish. The omakase approach to the sake selection means patrons are introduced to beverages that harmonize seamlessly with the season's flavors.
Beyond the food, the ambiance of Imoto is serenely inviting. The decor exudes a refined calmness, and the general, with his warmth and amiability, further amplifies the dining pleasure.
From the presentation to the final bite, every element at Imoto narrates a story of passion, tradition, and innovation.

Imoto Overview


4 Chome-15-29 Yakuin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka 810-0022


+81 (0) 92-753-7125


4 minutes walk from Minamiyakuin bus stop
3 minutes walk from Yakuin Odori Station

Operating Hours

Mon-Sun: 12:00-20:30

Payment methods

Cash, VISA, AMEX, Master Card, JCB, Diners Club

Restaurant Features

Reservations Required


Stylish Interior

Wine List

Sake Selection

Imoto Reviews

Imoto Google Average Rating



Translated from Japanese:
Top notch in everything!
You can spend a pleasant time by bringing out the goodness of the best seasonal ingredients and the way of thinking about cooking.
I'm always impressed by the shape and size of the vessel that reflects the deliciousness of the food.


Translated from Japanese:
The Japanese sake is also left to you, and they will choose the one that goes perfectly with the dish that matches the season.
All the course dishes are very satisfying with gentle taste


Translated from Japanese:
The shop has a clean and calm atmosphere.
The general was a warm and friendly person and I liked it very much.
The dishes are also beautiful from the vessel
Everything was tender and extremely delicious.
Japanese sake is also prepared by omakase, so I enjoyed it with rice.
I want to go again in a different season.

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