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Located in Aichi, Japan, Inagaki is a renowned restaurant that specializes in tonkatsu, a popular Japanese dish consisting of breaded and deep-fried pork cutlets. Recognized as one of the top 100 tonkatsu restaurants in 2022, Inagaki has gained a reputation for its exceptional culinary skills and dedication to serving high-quality dishes.

What sets Inagaki apart from other dining establishments is its commitment to using only the finest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Each pork cutlet is carefully prepared, ensuring a crispy and golden exterior while maintaining a tender and juicy interior. The menu at Inagaki offers a variety of tonkatsu options, allowing diners to choose from different cuts of pork and enjoy their meal with a selection of accompanying sauces and condiments.

The restaurant's interior exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere, with its traditional Japanese decor and cozy seating arrangements. Whether you're a tonkatsu enthusiast or simply looking to indulge in a delicious and satisfying meal, Inagaki is the perfect destination. Experience the art of tonkatsu at its finest and savor the flavors that have made Inagaki a beloved culinary institution in Aichi.

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Inagaki Overview


3-chome-26 Sugumochō, Mizuho Ward, Aichi 467-0804


+81 (0) 52-841-3968


4 minute walk from Sakurayama Station Exit 6.

Operating Hours

Sun: 11:30AM-2:30PM, 6:00PM-8:30PM
Mon: 11:30AM-2:30PM
Tue: Closed
Wed: Closed
Thur: 11:30AM-2:30PM, 6:00PM-8:30PM
Fri: 11:30AM-2:30PM, 6:00PM-8:30PM
Sat: 11:30AM-2:30PM, 6:00PM-8:30PM

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Inagaki Reviews

Inagaki Google Average Rating



Restaurant specialized in Tonkatsu. It has few tables and some chairs at the counter. No reservation system is available and depending on the time you will wait at least one hour in the queue. I don't recommend Sunday after lunch because most the options might be sold out.
I don't rate it 5 starts because the cutlets had more fat than expected.


I learned about it from word of mouth from a taxi driver.
The special fillet cutlet is exquisite!
It's always crowded, so there's no time slot to get in right away.
You have to order from a QR code, so if you're not good at digital, you might not like it, but the taste makes it all worth it lol
Good luck everyone and order!
Accounting is cash only (cards not accepted).


I went on a Saturday night.
The store opened at 18:00 and we arrived around 17:30. Two groups were already waiting.
After 6pm, we were shown to our seats and had the recommended Shima pork loin cutlet and top fillet cutlet.
The pork loin pork cutlet was thick but soft, had no odor, and had a delicious sweet fat.
The upper fillet cutlet is softer than you can imagine, and when you bite into it, the meat melts in your mouth, and the delicious flavor spreads throughout your mouth.

It was more satisfying than the price and was one of the best tonkatsu I've had in my life.
I was very satisfied and thank you for the meal.

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