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A dedicated community for the promotion of true food studies through applied practical and academic learning, grounded in cultural exchange. Gain invaluable experience, tangible skills, life-long memories.


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Japan Food Studies College

Japan Food Studies College Overview


3-10-18 Ishibashi, Ikeda City, Osaka 563-0032



Japan Food Studies College Description

Authentic Japanese Cuisine. English Food Studies Programs.
Experience an extraordinary culinary adventure and the opportunity to be trained in Japanese cuisine by world-class professionals, all in English, on our main campus or in our auxiliary campus in an over one 100 year old classic traditional Japanese villa designated a Japanese National Treasure.
Japanese food and beverages are increasingly valued in international markets. Japanese food and food culture is now present and featured on evermore varied menus and in cuisines throughout Japan and all around the world, often incorporated on the menus and in the varied presentation of restaurants across the spectrum of food cultures and nationalities.
We take great delight and pride in discovering Japan and our rich culinary culture in the hearts of many. With immense pleasure, we founded a pioneering academy in Japan two decades ago. The Japan Food Studies College offers courses in both English and Japanese, catering to home cooking enthusiasts and culinary professionals. Our focus is on training, exploration, and contemplation of Japanese cuisine, encompassing both its preparation and cultural significance.
As the first and only food studies college in Japan, we deliver academic and applied culinary studies in English. The Japan Food Studies College has been at the forefront of producing programs in both academic and culinary food studies in Japanese. Today, with a deep commitment to welcoming global travelers and international residents in Japan, we proudly invite students to join our English-language programs.
At Japan Food Studies College, our academic studies unfold in classrooms, while culinary studies take place in the kitchen and at the dining table. Both streams are enriched, with academic studies embracing applied aspects, and culinary studies integrating academic insights. Exciting field trips are an integral part of our programs, allowing students and instructors to explore firsthand the places, products, history, and people central to our work.
Whether you are a lay or professional program participant, our comprehensive, practical, and easily understandable approach ensures your in-depth understanding of Japanese cuisine and culture. We are committed to seamlessly integrating your newfound knowledge into your personal and professional lives.
Our world-class professional instructors provide a hands-on approach, guiding you from basics to advanced applications. Through our unique programs, you will delve into the technical aspects of Japanese cooking, unlocking a world of Japanese history and culture. Our two fully-equipped campus locations offer authentic tools, surroundings, and traditional tableware. We eagerly anticipate welcoming professionals and culinary adventurers from around the globe!
Our primary campus in Ikeda City in Osaka is on the grounds of our Co-founder Aiko Tanaka’s residence, incorporating well-equipped kitchen studios and beautifully appointed edible gardens on the property.
Designated a Japanese National Treasure, the Arai Villa is an elegant spacious traditional Japanese home located between the Kansai International Airport and Osaka's city center. In its renovated kitchens, we have combined the modern with the traditional.
Japanese Professional Kitchen Courses with Master Chef Shoji Yuki
Master Chef Shoji Yuki, Executive Chef and owner/founder of the world famous Japanese ‘kaiseki’ restaurant Yuki in the center of Osaka is the grandson of renowned Master Chef Teichi Yuki, who founded the highly acclaimed Kitcho Kaiseki Restaurants. Kaiseki is what has come to be understood as Japanese haute cuisine. From the original Kitcho at its first location in Osaka, Kitcho restaurants now operate in multiple locations in Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Kobe and Fukuoka. They all continue to be individually owned and operated by members of the family. In Chef Yuki's courses you will learn to see Japanese cuisine as a comprehensive art form, and study how to handle ingredients in a way that supports and enhances their natural beauty, not to cover them, mask them, or bury them.
We provide an educational system that marries academic food studies with applied food studies open to all
We maintain that authentic food studies must include both academic and applied study. Furthermore, we are committed to being a research and educational institution for food studies in line with the times, where anyone can learn at any time, regardless of age, gender, identity, or nationality. As we maintain that the duality of academics and applied study in true food studies is crucial to its authenticity, it is therefore so much more deeply enhanced and enriched by engaging and grounding itself in a symphony of collaboration with people as individuals, communities, businesses, organizations, and institutions around the world. That is the basis of our commitment to institutional strategic partnership, robust cultural and student exchange programming, and most importantly individual and personal collective effort and partnership.
We are an educational institution and think tank
Japan Food Studies College is a guidepost for and beacon of reform, rooted in the ethics of our Board Chair and Founder Aiko Tanaka’s creed of the ‘ Philosophy on our Table’. This defining mission is the guiding and driving philosophy of the Japan Food Studies College. We collect and integrate relevant knowledge from various fields to help inspire and create sustainable food culture for the 21st century and beyond through the applied values and practice of ‘Philosophy on our Table.’ The empowerment of global, regional and local sustainable food culture enables everyone on the planet to enjoy sustainably healthy and delicious food.

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The breeze wafting and gentle sound reverberating through seasonal gardens. The tactile beauty and aroma of tatami mat rooms. The ambience and subtle scents of a traditional Japanese wooden home’s embrace of the culinary arts.
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Japan Food Studies College

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