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Kanikani Crab Noodle Sannomiya

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Japanese: Ramen

Kanikani Crab Noodle Sannomiya Description

A delightful establishment, it specializes in crafting satisfying crab-infused noodles. The process is straightforward: select your meal and pay at the automated kiosk, then find a comfortable seat and await your order. The spacious dining area ensures a relaxed experience, with attentive staff to cater to your needs.
The restaurant's unique offering combines the flavors of crab with a hint of French sophistication, presented with the finesse of a high-end eatery but priced affordably, in keeping with traditional ramen spots. Ordering is a breeze, thanks to the automated system.
The star of the show is undeniably the specialty crab ramen, where crab takes center stage in every aspect, from the delectable soup base to the noodles. Should you have room to spare after enjoying your ramen, adding rice to the remaining soup is an option. The seasoned rice stands on its own as a tasty treat.
For crab enthusiasts, this ramen establishment is a must-visit. The crab-infused soup is rich and aromatic, devoid of the usual crustacean bitterness. Even without mixing the rice into the soup, the crab rice is a delight, but immersing it in the soup elevates the crab experience even further. In summary, a return visit is highly recommended for lovers of crab and exceptional dining experiences alike.

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Kanikani Crab Noodle Sannomiya Overview


1 Chome-22-13 Hill Side Terrace 401, Nakayamatedori, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0004


+81 (0) 50-5890-0211


8 minutes walk from JR Sannomiya Station, Hankyu Railway Kobe Sannomiya Station, and Kobe Municipal Subway Sannomiya Station

Operating Hours

11:00-21:00, closed Tuesdays

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Kanikani Crab Noodle Sannomiya Reviews

Kanikani Crab Noodle Sannomiya Google Average Rating



I thought the ramen was very tasty and the staff was very helpful and nice. I would definitely eat here again. If I had to give one critique, it would be nice if there was more crab in the crab noodle. The broth has a good crab taste, but theres just a little crab meat sprinkled on top. I understand that crab meat is pretty pricey though...


Translated from Japanese:
A welcoming place that does great noodles with crab dishes that are very satisfying! Select your food and pay at the automat first, then sit and wait for your food. Plenty of room, not crowded, caring staff. Gratin egg as a side dish was fenomenal - even a 2 year old loved it!! At the end of the meal kids got to choose a surprise and as a mother I am thankful it is a small packaged snack rather than a cheap toy. We have also had deliveries from the place and always been happy with the quality.


Translated from Japanese:
Unique ramen with crab and a French like taste. Very good and well presented. Looked like something from a high class restaurant but was as cheap as a normal ramen place. Order by machine.


Translated from Japanese:
Ordered the white crab noodle standard.
First of all, I was impressed by the stylish bowls and the beautifully arranged ramen.
The noodles were slightly hard noodles that were almost straight, and the texture was good with the combination of the crispness of the noodles and chicken clothing. The soup has a light but concentrated umami flavor and a very good crab flavor that goes through your nose afterwards.
Also, it comes with lemon to change the flavor, and at first I was skeptical that lemon would go well with ramen, but when I added a few drops, the mellow taste changed to a firmer taste, and it was delicious!
There are many ingredients, but none of them are in the way of ramen and are well thought out. Each ingredient was delicious😋
It's more expensive than regular ramen, but I think it's worth it. At the end, I was very surprised to see you off to the exit of the store. There is nothing wrong with the interior of the store and aspects other than ramen, just as it calls itself French. It was a ramen shop that made me feel a little rich

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