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Kashiwaya Shamo

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Japanese: Yakitori

Kashiwaya Shamo Description

Located in Fukushima, Osaka, Kashiwaya Shamo is a unique and captivating restaurant that specializes in chicken cuisine. With its cozy and inviting atmosphere, this restaurant is the perfect place to indulge in some delicious and authentic Japanese dishes.

What sets Kashiwaya Shamo apart from other dining establishments is its focus on using high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. The menu features a variety of mouthwatering dishes, with a particular emphasis on yakitori, or grilled chicken skewers. Each skewer is carefully prepared and cooked to perfection, resulting in tender and flavorful bites that will leave you craving for more.

One of the standout menu items at Kashiwaya Shamo is their signature Shamo chicken, known for its rich and succulent meat. Whether you prefer it grilled, fried, or in a hot pot, the Shamo chicken dishes are a must-try for any poultry lover. Additionally, the restaurant offers a range of other chicken-based dishes, such as chicken sashimi and chicken karaage, all expertly crafted to showcase the natural flavors of the meat.

The decor of Kashiwaya Shamo is simple yet elegant, with warm lighting and traditional Japanese elements that create a welcoming and relaxed ambiance. The attentive and friendly staff are always on hand to provide recommendations and ensure a memorable dining experience.

If you're looking for a restaurant that specializes in delectable chicken dishes and offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere, look no further than Kashiwaya Shamo. With its focus on quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, this restaurant is a true gem in the heart of Fukushima, Osaka.

Kashiwaya Shamo Overview


7-chome-5-20 Fukushima, Fukushima Ward, Osaka 553-0003


+81 (0) 6-6452-4705


1 minute walk from Fukushima Station.

Operating Hours

Sun: 6:00PM-12:00AM
Mon: Closed
Tue: Closed
Wed: 6:00PM-12:00AM
Thur: 6:00PM-12:00AM
Fri: 6:00PM-12:00AM
Sat: 6:00PM-12:00AM

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Kashiwaya Shamo Reviews

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Exceptionally delicious chicken sashimi (sashimi) that takes time and effort to prepare and preserve in addition to its freshness, impeccable pasteurized yakitori served in portions that you can fully enjoy, and dishes collected from all over Japan. A restaurant that serves delicious vegetables, cooked and pasteurized to perfection, and served with reasonably priced and delicious alcohol. The big difference from other high-end yakitori restaurants is that we don't have a course system where you don't know what's going to be served, but you can choose what you like, and we don't start all at once. Under the old store name, it boasted a Tabelog Bronze, Hyakumeiten, and Kansai No. 1 score. During the nearly three years of closure, I visited most of the famous yakitori restaurants in Keihanshin and Tokyo, but for me, who has an eye for not only yakitori, but also the making and grilled vegetables, there was no place better than this one.


Today, it is said to be No. 1 in Osaka city. (My selfish decision) I made a reservation at this restaurant! When I called and contacted her, the landlady told me something harsh! I think it's quite normal! The owner's passion for wanting you to enjoy delicious food while still being delicious is evident! This time, there were fewer people in the restaurant overall, so the chef quickly brought out the next dish. Isn't it a bit impossible when there are usually a lot of people? That's what I felt! The entire restaurant was run by the owner and the landlady, and it felt like the owner was always monitoring the progress of the customers' meals and preparing the next dish! We want you to enjoy delicious food while it's still delicious! I felt like he was appealing for knowledge just for that purpose. If you must drink alcohol...? When that happens, I hope you understand the words of the landlady and the general! Eat really good food in delicious condition! I was grateful to the general for saying that.
thank you for the food!


The long-awaited return of the restaurant, with the same taste and hospitality as before. The excitement of coming back makes me enjoy the food and drinks. Thank you very much for your support.

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