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Japanese: Curry

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In the heart of Osaka, a city celebrated for its vibrant food scene, lies Kashmir, a distinguished curry cafe that has garnered acclaim for its unique take on dashi-based spice curry. Renowned for its soul-warming spice blends, Kashmir is a culinary gem that locals and travelers alike speak of with admiration.
The spinach and cheese curry is a crowd favorite, its rich layers of taste are both intense and comforting, and include an unexpected twist with the addition of tofu, enhancing the texture and adding a subtle nuance to the dish. Popular offerings include Mix B, featuring keema and white rice adorned with a perfectly boiled egg, and Mix A, a vegetable-centric delight that’s a testament to the cafe’s dedication to freshness. The choice between the hearty, nutty notes of brown rice and the classic white promises a customized curry experience, while the delicate balance of spices, meat, and vegetables, perfected over years, ensures that each bite is infused with history and passion.
Stepping into Kashmir is an embrace of warmth and intimacy, a stark contrast to the bustling streets outside. The space is cozy, with only six seats, creating an environment that’s both exclusive and welcoming. Guests are able to watch their dishes being meticulously prepared in the kitchen, turning the act of waiting into a part of the dining experience.
As a pioneer of the now-trendy dashi-based spice curry, Kashmir's influence on Osaka’s culinary landscape is undeniable. It's not just the exceptional curry that keeps the line out the door, but the experience of anticipation, the scent of spices wafting through the air, and the promise of a curry that's crafted with a legacy of flavor.

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Kashmir Overview


6-2 Higashikoraibashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka 540-0039


+81 (0) 66-944-8178


5 mins walk from Kitahama Station (Exit 4) on the Keihan Electric Railway and Subway Sakaisuji Line

Operating Hours

Tues-Fri: 12-4PM
Sat-Mon: Closed

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Reservations Not Accepted

Kashmir Reviews

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Translated from Japanese:
It's been about 5 years since I came here, but nothing has changed.
There are 6 seats, so up to 6 people can be seated right away when the restaurant opens, and there are 3 cooking tables, so 3 people can order at a time. Customers will be replaced by three people at a time, so if you have to wait, you will have to wait quite a while. Be prepared and go, it's the best spice curry worth it. This time I received Mix B (with egg) Keema white rice. I tend to sweat just from the aroma of spices, but the curry here is so delicious that I can't stop spooning it.


Translated from Japanese:
It was the most delicious curry I've ever had. It was before closing time and there wasn't a lot of people in line, so if you go in at a later time, the wait time will be shorter.


Translated from Japanese:
A legendary Osaka spice curry restaurant.
It is no exaggeration to say that this restaurant is the origin of the current trendy dashi-based spice curry restaurants.
I think this is where radish and tofu were added to curry.

It's a popular restaurant, so there's always a line, and the opening time may be late (there's a sign), but I always go to this restaurant with the intention of eating curry.
If you ask them for recommendations, they will say everything, so I recommend eating your favorite curry.
You can choose between brown rice and white rice, but brown rice sells out relatively quickly.
There is also Mix A, which has more vegetables in each curry, and Mix B, which has vegetables and boiled eggs.

In addition to cash, you can use PayPal for payment. The background music is usually FMcocolo.

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