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Japanese: Yakiniku


Katou Description

Katou is a hidden gem located in Tokyo, Japan, specializing in Horumon cuisine. This unique restaurant offers a delightful dining experience with its mouthwatering menu and cozy atmosphere. Horumon, also known as offal, is a popular Japanese delicacy that consists of various parts of beef and pork, such as intestines, liver, and stomach. At Katou, they have mastered the art of grilling and serving these ingredients to perfection.

One of the standout dishes at Katou is their Horumon Yaki, a sizzling plate of grilled offal that is bursting with flavor. The succulent and tender meat is expertly seasoned and cooked to perfection, resulting in a dish that is both savory and satisfying. Another must-try item on the menu is their Motsu Yaki, which features grilled pork intestines that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The rich and smoky flavors of these dishes are sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

What sets Katou apart from other dining establishments is not only the quality of their food but also the warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant's cozy interior, with its wooden furnishings and traditional decor, creates a welcoming ambiance that is perfect for a casual meal with friends or a romantic dinner for two. The attentive and friendly staff adds to the overall dining experience, ensuring that every guest feels well taken care of.

If you're looking to embark on a culinary adventure and indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine, Katou is the place to be. With its delectable Horumon dishes, cozy atmosphere, and impeccable service, this restaurant is a true hidden gem in the heart of Tokyo.

Katou Overview


1-chōme-8-4 Shibadaimon, Minato City, Tokyo 105-0012


+81 (0) 3-3431-0552


3 minute walk from Daimon Station on Toei Asakusa Line and Oedo Line.
6 minute walk from Hamamatsucho Station on JR Line.

Operating Hours

Sun: 5:30PM-11:30PM
Mon: 5:30PM-11:30PM
Tue: 5:30PM-11:30PM
Wed: 5:30PM-11:30PM
Thur: 5:30PM-11:30PM
Fri: 5:30PM-11:30PM
Sat: 5:30PM-11:30PM

Payment methods

Cash, AMEX

Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted


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Katou Reviews

Katou Google Average Rating



I visited Natsufuyu-san for the first time, which I had been interested in for a while. Since it was Saturday, I was able to make a reservation for 6:30pm.

The shop sells pork hormones, and the taste was simple and didn't have the greasy taste of beef hormones.

The meat was served fresh, so every part was delicious.
I ordered the platter (large size) for ¥2,000, and it was just the right amount for two men around 40.
Other side dishes such as bean sprouts are covered in spicy sauce, but if you don't let your guard down, you'll get hit with the spiciness.
Probably good for people who like spicy food.

Personally, I think it's great that they have such a wide lineup of large beer bottles, including Sapporo (black label), Asahi (dry), and Kirin (lager)!

I think it's a delicious grilled offal dish that's reasonably drinkable and costs a little more than 7,000 yen for two people.

It's a great place to go for a quick bite!
Thank you for the meal.


I had curry for lunch.
The smooth curry is spicy and delicious. It has a lot of ingredients like a soup curry. Personally, I'm not a big fan of spicy food, so my mouth felt tingly the entire time I ate it.
For lunch, you can only have curry, and you can choose the amount of rice (large, medium, or small), and the roux can be refilled. I came here on a weekday Monday around 11:30, and it was pretty empty.


It seems to be "Kato" instead of "Natsufuyu".
It's not a pretty, stylish store. A shop with horse mackerel.
When it's hot, you can use the fan lying under the table as much as you want.
A thriving store located 1 minute away from my workplace.

Lunch: Curry, standard size
When I arrived at the restaurant at 11:30 after the rain, there was already one group eating.
I ordered a normal portion for my Nepalese mother.
It's a crunchy type of Japanese curry without the thick texture.
It's piping hot and you can't eat it right away.
After defeating potatoes, carrots, and green beans, I decided to mix roux and rice in an Indian style.
There was surprisingly a lot of rice, perhaps because it had hardened.
I heard it was spicy, but it was about as spicy as Japanese curry. However, I can't stop sweating for more than 30 minutes after eating.
By the time we finished eating, 9/12 seats were filled. Everyone except myself seemed to be male/regulars.

Evening Shichirin grilled hormone
It looks and tastes like it has been dismantled, pre-processed and cut into pieces.
It's usually fully booked, so I've never been able to walk in.

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