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Located in the Minato Motomachi area of Kobe, Kazu is a hidden gem that offers a unique dining experience. Specializing in Chinese cuisine, this restaurant has been selected as one of the top 100 Chinese restaurants in the West for 2023.

What sets Kazu apart from other Chinese restaurants is its commitment to using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. The menu features a wide variety of dishes, including classic favorites like sweet and sour pork, kung pao chicken, and mapo tofu. However, what truly stands out are the seafood dishes. From succulent steamed fish to crispy salt and pepper squid, each dish is expertly prepared to highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients.

The restaurant itself has a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with warm lighting and comfortable seating. Whether you're looking for a casual lunch or a special dinner, Kazu is the perfect choice. So, if you're in the mood for authentic Chinese cuisine in Kobe, make sure to visit this restaurant and indulge in their delicious seafood dishes.

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4-chōme-1-3 Motomachidori, Chuo Ward, Hyogo 650-0022


+81 (0) 78-371-3118


2 minute walk from Minato Motomachi Station on the Kobe Municipal Subway Kaigan Line.
4 minute walk from Hanakuma Station on the Kobe Rapid Transit Railway Seishin-Yamate Line.
7 minute walk from Kencho-mae Station on the Kobe Municipal Subway Yamate Line.
3 minute walk from Minato Motomachi Station bus stop on the Kobe City Loop Bus.
6 minute walk from Chuo Terminal bus stop on the Kobe City Bus Route 90.

Operating Hours

Sun: 11:30AM-2:00PM, 5:30PM-9:30PM
Mon: 11:30AM-2:00PM, 5:30PM-9:30PM
Tue: 11:30AM-2:00PM, 5:30PM-9:30PM
Wed: Closed
Thur: 11:30AM-2:00PM, 5:30PM-9:30PM
Fri: 11:30AM-2:00PM, 5:30PM-9:30PM
Sat: 11:30AM-2:00PM, 5:30PM-9:30PM

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Opened on March 8, 2013, Kobe Meister Kazuhiro Okamoto is an authentic Chinese restaurant that serves fresh seafood carefully selected from the central market every day, based on his 35 years of experience.

We are particular about the oils we use, and we use olive oil, peanut oil, etc.

Seating is at a table.

#today's dinner

★Chinese tea Shiranen Pu'er tea
★Shishamono pickled in Nanban
★Shredded beef loin stir-fried with miso and served with thin skin
★Shrimp spring rolls
★Xiaolongbao (4 pieces)
★Seafood Ankake Yakisoba (grilled on both sides)

The volume of each item is amazing.

All of them had a gentle flavor and were very delicious.
I especially liked the shrimp spring rolls and seafood yakisoba.

I want to conquer the entire menu.


I went on a Saturday at 12:30. The restaurant was full and crowded.
Lunch options include a 1,400 yen set and a 2,500 yen special set. Enjoy authentic Hong Kong cuisine including porridge, 2 seafood dishes, soup, and dessert. Refills of the porridge are free.
Not only does it have a great taste, but it's also very filling.


2nd visit
I waited for the restaurant to open, thinking it would be busy on Sunday lunch, but it turned out to be the best.
I chose the more expensive lunch course.

The restaurant, run by Kobe Meister and former head chef of Portopia Hotel, is simple and elegant.

As for the side dishes, the dried scallop porridge that comes with free refills was so delicious that I ordered another one this time as well.

I want to go again

What is Minami◯ Town, which has become a tourist destination and is full of frozen foods?
Draw the line.

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