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Koyo Description

Located in Tokyo, Koyo is a Japanese barbecue restaurant that specializes in yakiniku, or grilled meat. With a rating of 3.62 out of 5 stars and 222 reviews, this restaurant has become a popular choice for locals and visitors alike. The restaurant is conveniently situated near Osaki Station, making it easily accessible for those traveling in the area.

What sets Koyo apart from other yakiniku restaurants is its commitment to quality and flavor. The menu features a wide selection of premium cuts of meat, including wagyu beef, pork, and chicken, all sourced from trusted suppliers. Each piece of meat is carefully marinated and grilled to perfection, resulting in tender and juicy bites that are bursting with flavor.

The restaurant's interior is modern and inviting, with a sleek design and comfortable seating. The open kitchen allows guests to watch as their meat is expertly cooked by skilled chefs. Whether you're dining with friends, family, or colleagues, Koyo provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all occasions.

Some standout menu items at Koyo include the wagyu beef platter, which showcases the rich and buttery flavors of this prized Japanese beef, and the assorted vegetable platter, featuring a variety of fresh and seasonal vegetables that are perfect for grilling. For those looking for a complete dining experience, Koyo also offers set menus that include a selection of meats, side dishes, and desserts.

If you're a fan of Japanese barbecue and are looking for a memorable dining experience in Tokyo, Koyo is the place to be. With its top-quality ingredients, skilled chefs, and inviting atmosphere, this restaurant is sure to satisfy your cravings for delicious grilled meat.

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Koyo Overview


3-chōme-6-7 ŌSaki, Shinagawa City, Tokyo 141-0032


+81 (0) 3-3493-9272


1 minute walk from Osaki Station

Operating Hours

Sun: Closed
Mon: 5:00PM-8:00PM
Tue: 5:00PM-8:00PM
Wed: 5:00PM-8:00PM
Thur: 5:00PM-8:00PM
Fri: 5:00PM-8:00PM
Sat: 4:00PM-8:00PM

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Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted



Stylish Interior

Koyo Reviews

Koyo Google Average Rating



Great Japanese BBQ place, you should reservation.


I heard that the yakiniku was delicious, so I visited.
This restaurant was recommended to me by a meat-loving friend, and the taste and flavor of the skirt steak was on a whole other level compared to other restaurants. (but cheap)
I want to go eat that again soon.

Since we went with a large group, we also had assorted offal, tongue, bibim noodles, assorted kimchi, senmai, and salad, all of which were delicious.
It's voluminous and the sauce on it tastes good.
*The bibim noodles on the side menu are delicious!

It seems difficult to make a reservation, but I think I'll try making a reservation myself next time.


"" is a town yakiniku restaurant located about 3 minutes walk from JR Osaki Station. Recently, it has become a hot topic on social media such as Instagram, making it difficult to make reservations.

On this day, four of us made a reservation for 6:30pm on a weekday.
I made the reservation over the phone a month in advance.
The inside of the store has a popular feel, but it's not crowded. Therefore, it is easy to spend time even if you are only a woman.

The food menu includes Yakiniku classics such as short ribs, loin, and skirt steak at reasonable prices. Most meats can be ordered with your favorite seasoning, such as sauce or salt.

The lineup of dishes ordered is as follows:
◾️Kimchi platter (1,250 yen including tax)
◾️ Senmai sashimi (800 yen including tax)
◾️Jotan salt (2,500 yen including tax)
◾️Specially selected skirt steak - sauce - (2,800 yen including tax)
◾️Specially selected skirt steak - salt - (2,800 yen including tax)
◾️ Skirt steak with sauce (2,300 yen including tax)
◾️Salt skirt steak (2,300 yen including tax)
◾️Kamimino (1,200 yen including tax)
◾️Homemade beef tongue stew (800 yen including tax)
◾️ Bowser (800 yen including tax)
◾️ Cold noodles (950 yen including tax)
We enjoyed 6 types of yakiniku and 5 types of a la carte dishes.

``Jōtan Shio'' is a luxury cut of rare tongue. The seasoning that brought out the flavor of the tongue was also good.

When it comes to skirt steak, ``average skirt steak'' is best. "Specially selected skirt steak" is the regular skirt steak.
``Sagari'' is recommended with both sauce and salt. Personally, I liked the ``Salt Sagari'', which was rubbed with salt to bring out the unique flavor and juiciness of ``Sagari''.

``Specially selected skirt steak'' is a dish that will leave you speechless with its soft texture and sweet meat juice. Be sure to order both salt and sauce.

``Homemade Beef Tongue Boiled'' is finished in a char siu style. The flavor of the beef tongue is concentrated, and it is a must-order among the a la carte dishes.

Yakiniku has a large serving size, so one serving was enough for 4 people.

I would like to visit every month if I could get a reservation.

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