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Desserts: Shaved Ice, Cake

Labo103 Description

Located in Nara, LABO103 is a unique dining establishment that offers a fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine. The restaurant stands out for its innovative approach to dishes, blending traditional flavors with modern techniques. LABO103 is not just a place to eat; it's an experience for the senses.

The menu at LABO103 features a variety of dishes, with a focus on kakigori (shaved ice) and Western-style desserts. Indulge in their refreshing kakigori creations, perfect for cooling down on a hot day, or treat yourself to decadent pastries and cakes. The restaurant's interior is sleek and modern, creating a chic ambiance for diners to enjoy their meal. LABO103 is a must-visit for food enthusiasts looking to explore a unique culinary journey in Nara.

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Labo103 Overview


3-chōme-9-103 Gakuenasahichō, Nara, Nara 631-0016


8 minute walk from Gakuenmae Station

Operating Hours

Sun: Closed
Mon: Closed
Tue: Closed
Wed: Closed
Thur: Closed
Fri: Closed
Sat: 12:00PM-12:01PM

Payment methods

Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted

Stylish Interior

Labo103 Reviews

Labo103 Google Average Rating



I was finally able to go 😆 Everything was delicious
Shaved ice is already a sweet! ️
However, if it's your first time there, there are a lot of rules at the store, such as not talking privately, and waiting in front of the store here.I don't know if he's a regular or an acquaintance, but there was a guy who came in at the same time. There are two people in front of the store, regardless of where they are in line, and they are always talking to the store staff from the time they enter the store until they leave.The store staff also chats with the staff while making their food.That's a lot of people in a residential area. , I'm telling you to stop talking loudly because I'm serious about shaved ice, so please refrain from talking to the shaver...

My head was full of ⁉️

The shaved ice is undeniably delicious.
I received 3 cups in the large size.
It was a great and happy time
Thank you for the meal😋

For the first time in 2024🍧I suddenly went for 3 drinks😆
For the time being, let's have red and white at the beginning of the year😁
Thank you so much for the delicious and luxurious time!! ️Thank you for being delicious💓

Hehe ❗ I'm at an age where I know I need to be patient 😁
I can't stand it 👅 Reward yourself by wandering around after your night shift 💡😋
Thank you for your continued support 💕💕💕

I was wondering when the next time I would be able to eat it, so I had 3 cups today too🍧
As expected, the composition and taste are truly amazing no matter when I go there 😄 Thank you for the meal 💕💕💕


This shop is considered one of the meccas for shaved ice lovers.
It is within walking distance from Gakuen-mae Station.
It's usually a membership system, so I visited during the general reservation period.

“Burnt sweet potato with butter and soy sauce” 1,800 yen
Check out this on Instagram! I had decided.
It's almost sweet potato.
It's really just the browned butter and soy sauce.
Even though it's shaved ice, it's so satisfying that it doesn't feel like shaved ice.
The sweet potato chips were also delicious.

“Apricot tofu” 1,700 yen
It feels like there's only citrus.
I thought it tasted exactly like almond tofu, but then real almond tofu came out inside.
This is also exquisite.

I had a very delicious shaved ice.


A shaved ice specialty store that is membership-based and reservation-only. Just because you're a member doesn't mean it's easy to make a reservation; you have to be determined and ready for the reservation start time. (Sometimes you can pick up a cancellation slot)
The shaved ice menu has a very delicious menu that shows off the owner's sense of taste.
The store is very small and can accommodate up to 6 people, and only 5 people for one surgery. It is not suitable for people who want to eat leisurely while chatting. This is a place where you can take shaved ice seriously.
Although the hurdles are high, it is a store worth going to.
(You can make a reservation in winter even if you are not a member, so the experience of making a reservation during that time and visiting the store will qualify you to become a member the following year.)


A members-only shaved ice shop. Once I tried it, I was blown away by how delicious it was! I've eaten many delicious shaved ices, but this one was like a sweet and was a strange one that I could eat without getting cold. The menu is extensive and the shaved ice is exciting.Although it's not easy to make reservations, I'd like to come back to try it again.


This is a shaved ice shop that requires reservations.
Membership registration is required, and during the busy season (March to October), you cannot make a reservation unless you are a member.

General reservation slots will be opened from November,
I was able to visit you👏✨(2022.11)
(Web reservation required)

Luxurious pistachio for adults, a standard product

fluffy ice
A thick and rich pistachio cream
Added hazelnut flavor and aroma
It's insanely delicious
With fragrant rum raisins,
juicy dark cherry
It was a blissful time that made me feel rich.

Almond tofu (small size)
Cute form and perfectly round small size
But it's syrup,
It was a very satisfying shaved ice filled with mandarin oranges and almond tofu.

You can order a small size from the second cup 💡
Alternatively, if you want more than 3 cups, you can have a smaller size from the first cup.

In addition to cash payment, you can also pay by PayPay.
There is no private parking lot, but there is a paid parking lot nearby.

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