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Les Jardin Des Dodine

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Les Jardin Des Dodine Description

Located just a minute's walk from Daimon Station, Les jardin des dodine is a hidden gem that offers a unique dining experience in the heart of Tokyo. This cozy bistro specializes in bistro cuisine and natural wines, providing guests with a delightful combination of flavors and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

What sets Les jardin des dodine apart is their commitment to using carefully selected vegetables and natural ingredients in their dishes. The menu features a variety of dishes that showcase the flavors and textures of these high-quality ingredients. From charcuterie platters to fresh seafood and meats, each dish is thoughtfully prepared to bring out the best in the ingredients.

In addition to their delicious food, Les jardin des dodine also boasts an impressive selection of natural wines. These wines, made through natural cultivation and fermentation processes, perfectly complement the flavors of the dishes and add an extra layer of enjoyment to the dining experience.

Step inside Les jardin des dodine and you'll feel like you've been transported to a cozy countryside home in France. The rustic decor and relaxed ambiance create a welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for a variety of occasions, whether it's a business dinner, a romantic date, or a family gathering.

With its exceptional cuisine, extensive wine selection, and charming atmosphere, Les jardin des dodine is a must-visit for food enthusiasts and wine lovers alike. Come and indulge in the flavors of their carefully crafted dishes and experience a dining experience like no other.

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Les Jardin Des Dodine Overview


1-chōme-6-4 Shibadaimon, Minato City, Tokyo 105-0012


+81 (0) 3-6435-7183


5 minute walk from Hamamatsucho Station.
4 minute walk from Onarimon Station on the Toei Mita Line.
1 minute walk from Daimon Station on the Toei Asakusa Line and Oedo Line, Exit A5.

Operating Hours

Sun: Closed
Mon: 11:30AM-2:30PM, 6:00PM-11:00PM
Tue: 11:30AM-2:30PM, 6:00PM-11:00PM
Wed: 11:30AM-2:30PM, 6:00PM-11:00PM
Thur: 11:30AM-2:30PM, 6:00PM-11:00PM
Fri: 11:30AM-2:30PM, 6:00PM-11:00PM
Sat: 11:30AM-2:30PM, 6:00PM-11:00PM

Payment methods

Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted

Wine List

Craft cocktails




Stylish Interior

Les Jardin Des Dodine Reviews

Les Jardin Des Dodine Google Average Rating



Amazing French restaurant recommended by a friend who works in the area. Lived up to expectations and more. The food was amazing, pork melted in your mouth. Highly recommended.


Excellent lunch at a Michelin star French restaurant in Tokyo. The Pork roast is delicious.

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