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Japanese: Yakiniku

Masuichi - East

Masuichi - East Description

Masuichi - East is a delightful Japanese restaurant located in Kyoto. Specializing in yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) and horumon (offal), this restaurant offers a unique dining experience that sets it apart from other establishments in the area.

The restaurant's interior is tastefully decorated, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The open grill in the center of each table allows guests to participate in the cooking process, adding an interactive element to the dining experience. The skilled chefs at Masuichi - East use only the finest ingredients to create their dishes, ensuring that each bite is bursting with flavor.

One of the standout menu items at Masuichi - East is their yakiniku, which features a variety of high-quality meats such as wagyu beef and pork. The marbled wagyu beef melts in your mouth, while the tender pork is seasoned to perfection. For those feeling adventurous, the horumon menu offers a selection of offal cuts, including liver, intestines, and tongue, all cooked to perfection.

Whether you're a fan of yakiniku or looking to try something new, Masuichi - East is the perfect destination for a memorable dining experience. With its delicious food, inviting atmosphere, and attentive service, this restaurant is a must-visit for any food lover in Kyoto.

Masuichi - East Overview


12-6 Nishikujō Hieijōchō, Minami Ward, Kyoto 601-8437


+81 (0) 75-671-3700


5 minute walk from Higashi-Temple Station.

Operating Hours

Sun: 5:00PM-10:00PM
Mon: 5:00PM-10:00PM
Tue: 5:00PM-10:00PM
Wed: 5:00PM-10:00PM
Thur: Closed
Fri: 5:00PM-10:00PM
Sat: 5:00PM-10:00PM

Payment methods

Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Restaurant Features

Take-out Available

Reservations Accepted

Wine List



Sake Selection

Wheelchair Accessible

Stylish Interior

Masuichi - East Reviews

Masuichi - East Google Average Rating



Amazing place. We had a reservation at 5 for two people on a weekday and it was full so you definitely need to make reservations beforehand. They have an english menu and the staff is very friendly, helpful and energetic. Our order arrived quickly and what can I say…. It was the best thing I have eaten. Delicious meat, tasty salad, lot of side dishes. The taste is amazing and the grilling experience is even better. Also there isn’t a smell or smoke even though all the tables are grilling so it was really comfortable. It was also super cheap compared to European restaurants. Highly recommend!!


The best restaurant we visited in Japan. ♥️

We were looking at the menu (English and Japanese menus available separately) and there were many options we liked so we ended up with the course menu which is to try a bit of everything. We chose the big course menu which has many types of meat (~10 types) and costs 4500¥ / person. The menu also includes salad, appetizer, desert.

The meat is incredible. All of it. I was amazed how good all tasted. You receive the meat ready for BBQ and you prepare it yourself on the grill in front of you. Make sure to put only what you gonna eat because it is cooked really fast (~1 min on each side). When you are ready for the next batch just put it on the grill again. Ask for instructions which sauce to use for which type of meat because there are several sauces.

The staff was very very attentive and kind. I dropped my chop sticks and I received new ones without asking. I was about to take some napkins and I just took the last one and I received a new box of napkins.

My belly is full now and i’m writing this happy review. We received a paper to fill with our feedback which is a nice detail. It means the customer matters. The waiter even came to ask some extra questions with google translate.

On our way out the whole staff thanked in one voice. The atmosphere and the food are top class.

I hope to come back again soon!


The best meal we had in Kyoto.
Incredible meat assortment in the #2 set.

Out of the way but worth coming, and very kind to foreigners.

Fun drinks!

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