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Meat Kappo Okadamae

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Japanese: Beef

Meat Kappo Okadamae Description

Meat Kappo Okadamae is a unique and captivating restaurant located in Tokyo, Japan. This restaurant specializes in serving a wide variety of premium Japanese black beef, prepared by skilled chefs right in front of your eyes. The restaurant offers a theatrical dining experience, where you can witness the artistry and precision of the chefs as they cook your meal on a Spanish charcoal grill.

What sets Meat Kappo Okadamae apart from other dining establishments is its focus on showcasing the exquisite flavors and textures of Japanese black beef. The menu features a range of dishes, from traditional Japanese-style preparations to creative fusion dishes that highlight the chef's culinary expertise. Each dish is carefully crafted to bring out the best flavors of the beef, and the chefs' attention to detail is evident in every bite.

One of the highlights of dining at Meat Kappo Okadamae is the intimate and immersive dining experience. The restaurant offers counter seating, allowing guests to have a front-row view of the cooking process. It's like watching a live performance, where you can see the chefs skillfully grill the beef to perfection. The ambiance of the restaurant is elegant and refined, creating a sophisticated atmosphere for a memorable dining experience.

Whether you're a meat lover or someone looking to indulge in a unique gastronomic experience, Meat Kappo Okadamae is the perfect destination. With its exceptional cuisine, theatrical cooking style, and elegant ambiance, this restaurant promises to take you on a culinary journey like no other.

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Meat Kappo Okadamae Overview


B1 Rene Azabu Juban Building 1-chōme-5-23 Azabujūban, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0045


+81 (0) 3-3478-0338


5 minute walk from Azabu-Juban Station (Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, Toei Oedo Line)

Operating Hours

Sun: Closed
Mon: 5:00PM-11:00PM
Tue: 5:00PM-11:00PM
Wed: 5:00PM-11:00PM
Thur: 5:00PM-11:00PM
Fri: 5:00PM-11:00PM
Sat: 5:00PM-11:00PM

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Private Dining Room


Meat Kappo Okadamae Reviews

Meat Kappo Okadamae Google Average Rating



MARCH 2023

It was a high end dining experience; essentially a wagyu focused omakase paired with luxurious ingredients such as uni, caviar, and black and white truffle. Each course and the ingredients involved are explained while being prepared and cooked. There was also curry and roast beef souvenir to enjoy at home. For the quality as well as the amount of food you get, it was definitely worth the price (favorite was the shabu shabu wagyu). They will ensure that you won't be left hungry. Service was also amazing; the owner/chefs and staffs were very hospitable.


Mr. Okada's theater style
Meat dish
Mr. Okada will fill you up with luxurious meat dishes. Also, the story is very interesting and the human power is amazing.
The live feeling of the tongue and meat being cut right in front of you is very nice.
The first half is a parade of raw meat
They put a lot of sea urchin and salmon roe on it.
Lots of matsutake mushrooms too
If you say you want to eat, they'll give you lots of refills.
Abnormal cost performance
They pay close attention to the temperature range of the meat, and the rice topped with caviar and yukke is very delicious!
The pasteurization was perfect and I was very satisfied.
Soba is the best
Even after eating the meat, I was able to go home feeling refreshed.


It's been a while since I came to Tokyo, so I stopped by.
From the aroma of the meat to the texture and, of course, the taste, it's the best.

The most impressive thing was the pickled fillet.
It was so soft that I wondered if the cow was still alive.

I think this is a world-class restaurant in terms of Mr. Okada's talk, the meat, and the atmosphere.

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