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Japanese: Tempura

Mikasa Description

Mikasa, an award-winning tempura restaurant located in Kawasaki, is an epitome of excellence in the realm of tempura. Noted for its innovative and flavorful tempura dishes, Mikasa is lauded for its commitment to quality at a reasonable price. Every piece of tempura, from the crispy treats to the inventive varieties, attests to the chef's mastery.
Famed for its unique ambiance, Mikasa's reputation precedes itself as one of Japan's premier destinations for rare and exceptional tempura. The owner, while upholding the rigorous standards typical of top-tier tempura establishments, also showcases a warm and inviting demeanor, engaging with patrons even amidst the meticulous cooking procedures.
But what sets Mikasa apart is not just its unparalleled taste but the unmatched value it offers. Many claim it to be the only place in Japan where such exquisite tempura is available at such accessible prices. The ambiance, the taste, and the affordability combine to make Mikasa an irresistible destination, especially for special occasions.
Whether it's the classic tempura offerings like shrimp, kiss fish, and conger eel, or the seasonal specialties that tempt patrons to return during various times of the year, Mikasa consistently impresses. While some might consider the pricing on the steeper side, the general consensus is that for such impeccable quality and service, it represents outstanding value. With unwavering dedication to the art of tempura, Mikasa continues to be a cherished gem in the culinary landscape of Japan.

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Mikasa Overview


2 Chome-9-15 Miyazaki, Miyamae Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 216-0033


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+81 (0) 44-853-1819


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2 minutes walk from Miyazakidai Station (North Exit) on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line

Operating Hours

Thurs-Tues: 17:30-21:30
Wed: Closed

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Mikasa Reviews

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Translated from Japanese:
This is one of Japan's most famous restaurants where you can enjoy extremely rare tempura.
Although he was a strict owner typical of a tempura restaurant, he was also a friendly person who was willing to chat with me even during the tense cooking process.
Above all, this is probably the only place in Japan where you can get tempura of this quality at this price.
This is definitely the best place in Japan for its taste, atmosphere, and value for money, so be sure to invite your girlfriend who loves delicious food to try it.


Translated from Japanese:
I have visited several times before, but every time I go, I am impressed.
Shrimp, kiss, and conger eel, which are also standard tempura, are delicious every time you go.
You can also get other seasonal items, and it makes me want to come back in a different season.
The price may be high for some people, but I think it's cheap for this quality and service.
General, thank you very much for the store.


Translated from Japanese:
It was delicious!
The second shrimp was my favorite because it was medium-soft.
It was also fresh to sprinkle truffle salt on grated daikon radish for oyster tempura.

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