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Japanese: Kaiseki


Miki Overview


3-chōme-7-29 Nakayamatedōri, Chuo Ward, Hyogo 650-0004


+81 (0) 78-321-0818


5 minute walk from Kobe City Subway Kencho-mae Station
12 minute walk from Hanshin Motomachi Station

Operating Hours

Sun: 11:30AM-9:00PM
Mon: Closed
Tue: 11:30AM-9:00PM
Wed: 11:30AM-9:00PM
Thur: 11:30AM-9:00PM
Fri: 11:30AM-9:00PM
Sat: 11:30AM-9:00PM

Payment methods

Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Miki Description

Located in the heart of Kobe, Miki is a hidden gem that specializes in traditional Japanese cuisine. This restaurant offers an authentic dining experience, serving exquisite kaiseki dishes that are meticulously prepared and beautifully presented. With a cozy and intimate atmosphere, Miki provides a perfect setting for a memorable dining experience.

What sets Miki apart from other dining establishments is their dedication to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. The skilled chefs at Miki take great pride in their craft, creating dishes that are not only visually stunning but also bursting with flavor. From delicate sashimi to perfectly grilled seafood, each dish at Miki is a work of art.

One of the highlights of the menu is the chef's special kaiseki course, which showcases a variety of seasonal ingredients and flavors. This multi-course meal takes you on a culinary journey, allowing you to savor the essence of Japanese cuisine. Each course is thoughtfully crafted to create a harmonious balance of flavors and textures.

Whether you're a connoisseur of Japanese cuisine or simply looking for a unique dining experience, Miki is the perfect choice. Immerse yourself in the world of traditional Japanese gastronomy and indulge in the exquisite flavors that Miki has to offer.

Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted

Private Dining Room


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Miki Reviews

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A well-known Kobe restaurant that never fails no matter when you visit. Great cost performance 👏
The hostess' customer service is befitting a Michelin-rated restaurant, and the owner is not overly pompous, but is very diligent in her research. This is a restaurant you can definitely bring your valued customers to.


My heart is at peace and my tongue is happy. ``Miki'' serves wonderful Japanese cuisine that impresses me every time I go there, at a surprisingly reasonable price. You can fully experience Japan's four seasons through our cuisine. Family run. It's a place I don't want to share, but Google keeps asking so I have no choice but to upload it. As of June 2023, there is still a partition at the counter to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but it is also a safety factor and has full marks 💯


Even though it is a kaiseki meal, it is reasonably priced at ¥7000, and the seasoning of the food is very good and delicious. It will also fill your stomach. I thought the kaiseki chef was difficult, but the host and landlady are humble and friendly.
This is the Mizuhari Month (June) menu. Ayu tempura is small but delicious. The rice with sakura shrimp sauce is delicious. It's hard to get a reservation, but it's definitely worth a visit.


Translated from Japanese:

Mr. Miki was finally able to go after 3 years↑↑ Authentic Kaiseki... Everything is well thought out, delicious, and beautiful to the eye. The timing and temperature of the food being served was perfect, and the wife's explanations of the dishes were thorough and kind. This shop sells bento boxes and festivals...


Translated from Japanese:

I made a reservation at the invitation of a friend. The seats are in the tatami room at the back of the store. It's a sunken kotatsu, so it's comfortable for your feet. Each item had a very gentle taste and was soothing. There are many sakes that go well with dishes, so it's hard to decide...


Translated from Japanese:

It's been a long time since I last heard from you. Lunch prices have also gone up quite a bit. This is a 6,000 yen course. Sesame tofu sauce. The broth of the pea soup was very delicious. Scallop...

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