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Nakado Description

Nakado stands out as an award-winning French establishment in Hiroshima, celebrated not just for its delectable cuisine, but for the entire dining experience it offers. What distinguishes this restaurant is its informal approach to high-end French cuisine. Dishes are meticulously crafted, appearing as visual art pieces, yet without the usual stiffness of traditional fine dining.
Emphasizing health and culinary brilliance, Nakado's service is unparalleled. The chef doesn't just prepare the dishes; he passionately details the intricacies of each, turning a meal into a captivating culinary performance, especially when enjoyed at the counter. This intimate interaction amplifies the dining experience, reminiscent of attending a live art show with the artist narrating each brushstroke.
One of the notable facets is the detailed explanation accompanying each dish, elevating the dining experience by weaving a rich tapestry of flavors, techniques, and stories. Signature dishes include the highest quality caviar with a delicate saltiness that dissolves seamlessly on the palate, and a squid dish, enriched with truffles, eggs, and cheese, presenting a harmonious dance of flavors. The venison, grilled to perfection over charcoal at regulated temperatures, retains the meat's rich essence, ensuring tenderness and an explosion of umami.
Culminating the meal is a dessert of mont blanc sweets, crafted from fermented cacao, offering an exquisite and lingering taste that beckons for more.
Nakado doesn't just serve food; it offers an immersive gastronomic journey, ensuring patrons leave with memories, eager for the next visit.

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Nakado Overview


4-18 Horikawacho, Naka Ward, Hiroshima 730-0033


+81 (0) 80-5919-8148


3 minutes walk from Hatchobori Station

Operating Hours

Mon-Sun: 12 PM–2:30 PM (LO 12:30 PM), 6 PM–10:30 PM (LO 7:30 PM)

Payment methods

Cash, VISA, Master Card

Restaurant Features

Private Dining Room

Reservations Accepted

Wheelchair Accessible

Wine List

Sake Selection


No Children Under 5

Nakado Reviews

Nakado Google Average Rating



Translated from Japanese:
A French restaurant with a good reputation.

You can enjoy French cuisine that is not formal, yet is like a work of art, prepared in a unique way.

Healthy food and excellent service.

The chef gives detailed explanations about each dish, and when you eat the French course at the counter, it's like watching a live show.

The cost performance is so good that I think it could be worth twice the price.

I wonder if it's a new form of fusion that goes beyond the framework of French, or perhaps I should call it Nouvelle Cuisine.

Anyway, it's so amazing that I can't express it in words.

We'll do it at a French restaurant that will definitely make you want to come back.


Translated from Japanese:
It was like spending a leisurely time listening to the artist's commentary at an art museum.
The course, which was made with attention to each ingredient and thought of the flow of time, was wonderful.
The highest quality caviar is moderately salty and melts smoothly in your mouth.
The squid dish using truffles was very rich and delicious with a strong egg taste and a collaboration of truffles and cheese.
In the venison dish, the meat was grilled over charcoal fires at a low temperature many times, and the meat was tender, yet still had the rich umami of venison.
For dessert, the mont blanc sweets made from fermented cacao are exquisite and unforgettable!
Every dish was delicious and it was a wonderful shop that impressed me.


Translated from Japanese:
We had dinner and pairing.
It was a dish with French, innovative, and Japanese elements.
The taste, the appearance, and above all, the aroma when you put the food in your mouth are wonderful, and you can enjoy it with all five senses.
I thought there was a store like this in Hiroshima.
It's worth more than the price.
The pairing of wine and sake was also a great match.
I would like to save money and visit again.

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