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Nakajo Description

Nakajo ranks among Yokohama's premier sushi destinations, setting a standard of culinary excellence that is truly unforgettable.
Each item on the menu stands as a testament to this restaurant's unwavering commitment to taste perfection. However, it is the tuna that stands out as nothing short of extraordinary, earning its place as a true sensation. The exceptional quality of the tuna, sourced from Yamasachi, is a testament to the restaurant's unwavering dedication to excellence.
Yet, it is not only the tuna that leaves a lasting impression—every fish featured here boasts a unique and distinctive quality. The Junsai, a gentle introduction, showcases superior quality and delightful flavors. The Kue is nothing short of amazing, boasting a moist texture and an absence of ripened odors. Aged bonito adds further depth to the culinary journey, striking a harmonious balance with a flavor profile that is both refined and memorable. One cannot help but be captivated by the exquisite sea urchin, each piece bursting with deliciousness.
The King Salmon, expertly marinated in soy sauce and served atop rice, delivers a taste revelation, particularly for those encountering king salmon eggs for the very first time. Meanwhile, the exceptional firefly squid offers a perfect texture and a subtly fragrant aroma. Expertly sourced ingredients and masterful seasoning ensure that every bite is an experience unto itself.
The Tori shellfish, a culinary gem, distinguishes itself with its juicy and substantial presence. The button shrimp, equally impressive in size, captivates with its unparalleled flavor and inherent sweetness. Notably, the accompanying rice crackers atop the shrimp's head are equally delightful. To further enhance the sushi experience, the fatty tuna rolls emerge as a delight for connoisseurs and pair beautifully with your libation of choice.
Nakajo stands as a veritable shrine to sushi aficionados, beckoning with a promise of unparalleled flavors and culinary artistry.

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Nakajo Overview


Kannai Sumiyoshi Building 1f, 3 Chome−3−29, Sumiyoshicho, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0013


+81 (0) 45-671-9300


3 minutes walk from JR Kannai Station
2 minutes walk from Kannai Station
5 minutes walk from Bashamichi Station

Operating Hours

Mon-Sun: 17:30-22:30

Payment methods

Cash, VISA, AMEX, Master Card, JCB, Diners Club

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Reservations Accepted

Private Dining Room

Nakajo Reviews

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Translated from Japanese:
The best tasting food I've ever eaten. The ingredients are delicious anyway. It is more delicious than the famous sushi restaurant in Tokyo.


Translated from Japanese:
The general is also a friendly person and you can have a very enjoyable meal. The taste of fish is outstanding! Because we are particular about the purchase


Translated from Japanese:
It was my first visit I had delicious sushi while listening to the general's story.

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