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Japanese: Curry

Nandi Description

Nandi is a curry restaurant in Hiroshima. Nestled near Hiroshima City Hall, this charming eatery offers a delightful blend of Indian and Japanese influences. The owner, known for their training in both Delhi and Tokyo, brings an authentic touch to every dish. The menu boasts a standout dish, the Nandi curry, named after the restaurant. The rich, aromatic curry, reminiscent of Delhi's Kashmiri curry, is served with turmeric-infused rice and a side of onion achar and cumin-stir-fried cabbage. While it packs a pleasant punch of spice, it's the nuanced flavors that truly stand out.
The efficient service ensures that your steaming bowl of curry arrives within minutes, and the quality of the ingredients is evident. The black soup base, infused with caramel, holds tender pieces of chicken, creating a mouthwatering combination. Beyond the curry, the restaurant's post-meal offerings also shine. The stylish chai, served in a charming pot, delights with its sweet, cardamom-infused aroma, providing a perfect counterbalance to the spices.
With an owner well-versed in both Indian and Japanese culinary traditions, the restaurant offers a unique fusion of flavors. Served with turmeric-infused rice, onion achar, and cumin-stir-fried cabbage, it offers a satisfying, albeit spicy, feast for the senses. The efficient service ensures a quick meal without compromising on quality, and the delightful chai, served in an adorable pot, provides a sweet and aromatic conclusion to your visit. A visit here promises a taste of something truly special in Hiroshima.

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6−6−20 Komachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima 730-0041


+81 (0) 82-249-4511


3 minutes walk from Chuden-mae Station on the Hiroshima Electric Railway Line 1

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Mon: Closed
Tues-Sat: 11AM-4PM

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Nandi Reviews

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Translated from Japanese:
Exceptional (and unique) curry in a cozy, rustic little five or six table shop. Very affordable. You're sure to have a nice experience!


Translated from Japanese:
Me and my partner went while staying in Hiroshima.
The food was much better than any curry I've had in Australia. The food was phenomenal and the person who served us was so polite and nice it was a breathe of fresh air .
I recommend to anyone in Hiroshima to give this place a try. 11/10
I wish I could thank him over and over for his wonderful service and food.

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