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Located in Kyoto, Ninshurou is a renowned Chinese restaurant that has been awarded the prestigious Silver Award in 2023 by The Tabelog and China Cuisine WEST. This restaurant stands out from the rest with its exceptional Cantonese cuisine that showcases precision and luxury. The menu features a variety of exquisite dishes, including a speciality called 'Abalone's Polarized Preparation,' where steamed abalone and dried abalone soaked for a week are served with a stunning yin-yang sauce. Another must-try is the roasted suckling pig, prepared right in front of you at the counter, offering a truly impressive and flavorful experience.

What sets Ninshurou apart is the expertise of Chef Makoto Ueoka, who has utilized his knowledge gained from Hong Kong and Guangzhou to create dishes that are both extravagant and delicately crafted. The restaurant's ambiance is serene and inviting, nestled in a quiet residential area. The lively atmosphere at the counter adds to the dining experience, making it a perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable meal.

Whether you're a connoisseur or simply looking for an extraordinary dining experience, Ninshurou is the place to be. With its impeccable Cantonese cuisine, attention to detail, and warm atmosphere, this restaurant promises to take you on a culinary journey like no other. Make sure to make a reservation in advance, as seats fill up quickly in this popular establishment.

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Ninshurou Overview


2-12 Shichiku Kitakurisuchō, Kita Ward, Kyoto 603-8433


+81 (0) 75-366-8843


15 minute walk from Kitaoji Station.

Operating Hours

Sun: 6:00PM-8:00PM
Mon: 6:00PM-8:00PM
Tue: 6:00PM-8:00PM
Wed: Closed
Thur: 6:00PM-8:00PM
Fri: 6:00PM-8:00PM
Sat: 6:00PM-8:00PM

Payment methods

Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted



WiFi Available

Stylish Interior

Ninshurou Reviews

Ninshurou Google Average Rating



My wish came true and I was able to take me to a restaurant called "Jinshurou" in Kitaoji, Kyoto, where I was so excited that I couldn't sleep the day before my excursion.

Here is the set list that I was moved by because I felt it was worth more than being in pain even after being shaken for about 30 minutes by bus from Omiya station ♡

⭐︎Steamed sheep and sanpin soup ~ Kinugasa mushrooms ~
⭐︎Assorted appetizers
drunken chicken
roasted chicken wings
Roasted pork belly (dried meat)
pecan nut brown sugar
cashew nut flavor
Shanghai crab xiao long bao
Boar meat shumai
pickled vegetables
⭐︎Shanghai crab marinated in Shaoxing wine
⭐︎Stir-fried kueh, lily bulb, and white onion with yuzu flavor ~XO sauce~
⭐︎Hairy crab soup dumplings, shark fin, and dried scallop hot water soup
⭐︎22 head-sized dried abalone
⭐︎Roasted Nanaya duck ~ Plum sauce ~
⭐︎Shanghai crab female roe noodle dressing
⭐︎Canelé with Shaoxing wine
⭐︎Merogold and tapioca pudding
*There are omissions! !

I was able to get a glimpse of his strong love for the food and Shaoxing wine, and the owner made me feel like I was the main character even when I was eating. He even showed me the Thunderbird hangar (check the owner's Instagram), and all five senses were overjoyed. It was a special dinner (*´꒳`*)

It was truly amazing!
I'm in such a state of anxiety that I can't sleep today because of the encounter with a super famous store that I would like to visit just once in my lifetime ♡

It was also a great memory to be able to carve a bowl of dressed noodles with the flavor and umami of the crab mullet ♪ ( ´θ`)


The restaurant I visited tonight was one I had always wanted to visit in Kyoto.
It was a very happy night when I received the invitation and my wish came true.
This is the Cantonese restaurant ``Jinshurou'' in Kitaoji, Kyoto, which is difficult to reserve and has a Tabelog score of 4.46.

The course that starts at 8:00 PM will take you three hours to eat, so you won't be able to reach your home.
So, tonight I will stay at Kyoto Station and participate in the race. Are you serious? lol

Before the courses started all at once, we enjoyed the ``Jinshuro Highball'' (¥1,100) that a regular customer told us about while waiting for the owner, Chef Kamioka, to prepare his dish.
Renshulou Highball is surprisingly easy to drink and has an addictive taste.It was my first time to mix Shaoxing wine with carbonated water, but it contains a lot of goji berries and is fruity, making it a drink that even women can enjoy.

Special [Shanghai crab course] ¥28,000 (tax included),
Enjoy the live experience from behind the counter.
First, a gentle soup to warm you up and an assortment of appetizers. The utensils on which the food is served are also very beautiful and detailed, highlighting the delicacy of the food.
The small portions of xiao long bao and wild boar shumai served on a bean plate were perfect, and the crispy aroma and soft taste of the crispy chicken were a perfect storm of excitement.

Here comes the Shanghai crab pickled in Shaoxing wine, which I was looking forward to this time.
I fell in love with it at first sight when I saw another reviewer's photo.
Apparently, this is a special menu that is only available when crabs are in stock, so many people come just for this.
The flavor soaked into the melty flesh, and I ate it wholeheartedly, eating every inch of the shell, staining my mouth with the indescribable deliciousness.

Is Chef Kamioka a little scary at first impression? I thought that was the case, but as time passes, I find myself drawn in by the charm that slowly peeks out.
The finest ingredients in the chef's hands are like a flower that blooms and burns out as it becomes a beautiful dish that fulfills its charm.
In fact, it was the complete opposite of what I had imagined of a strong Chinese flavor, and it had a clear taste that made me want to eat it forever.

To put it in one word: "It's simply delicious."

And what was special this time was the dessert.
When Chef Kamioka opened the lid of the large steamer, a large peach manju appeared inside, and cheers erupted.
A special surprise for a regular customer who was celebrating his birthday, when he cut it open, 3 old man buns appeared inside.
Chef Kamioka presses his head with his hand, and custard flows out of his mouth, causing even louder cheers.
The person sitting across from me was also very impressed, and his eyebrows lowered as well.

Tonight I was happy to have the special "Shanghai Crab Course".
I was even given a pair of chopsticks with the name Jinshurou on them as a souvenir.

Homemade XO sauce will also be sold.
I would definitely like to come again if I have a chance.
Thank you for the meal.


Store: Jinshurou
: 2-12 Shichiku Kita Kurisucho, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
(Reservations can be made on the official website)


It was my first time and I was taken there. I don't know much about Chinese food in Kyoto. There is a special menu on the handwritten menu. Jinshurou Highball is really delicious. The cooking started, sea urchin soup, nuts as an appetizer, wild boar dumplings were so delicious, I had never eaten shark fin, the duck was so delicious, the white fish was so delicious, abalone, fried rice, ramen, dessert, it was a lot of food, everything. Deliciousness you've never tasted before!! ️As expected of you!! ️It was delicious!! ️

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