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Japanese: Yakiniku

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Nose to Tail is a renowned Japanese barbecue restaurant located in Tokyo. Situated in the bustling neighborhood of Iidabashi, this hidden gem offers a luxurious and intimate dining experience. With its convenient access from Iidabashi Station, Kagurazaka Station, and Ushigome-Kagurazaka Station, it is a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

What sets Nose to Tail apart from other dining establishments is its commitment to serving only the finest quality ingredients. They specialize in offering carefully selected, locally sourced, and naturally raised black wagyu beef. This premium beef is known for its rich marbling and melt-in-your-mouth texture, ensuring a truly indulgent dining experience.

The restaurant's menu features a variety of ways to enjoy the exquisite wagyu beef, allowing guests to savor the flavors in different preparations. From succulent grilled cuts to tender sukiyaki and flavorful yakiniku, there is something to satisfy every palate. The skilled chefs at Nose to Tail take pride in their craft, ensuring that each dish is prepared with precision and attention to detail.

Step into the serene and elegant ambiance of Nose to Tail, where you can immerse yourself in the art of Japanese barbecue. The restaurant's interior exudes a sense of tranquility, providing the perfect setting for guests to savor their meal and appreciate the culinary mastery on display. Whether you're seeking a memorable dining experience or simply looking to indulge in the finest wagyu beef, Nose to Tail is the place to be.

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Nose To Tail Overview


3rd Floor Kagurazaka Echigoya Building 3-chome-2-6 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 162-0825


+81 (0) 70-8491-0829


5 minute walk from Iidabashi Station (West Exit) on the JR Line.
3 minute walk from Iidabashi Station (Exit B3) on the Tokyo Metro Line.
6 minute walk from Kagurazaka Station (Exit 1b) on the Tokyo Metro Line.
4 minute walk from Iidabashi Station.

Operating Hours

Sun: 6:00PM-11:20PM
Mon: 6:00PM-11:20PM
Tue: 6:00PM-11:20PM
Wed: 6:00PM-11:20PM
Thur: 6:00PM-11:20PM
Fri: 6:00PM-11:20PM
Sat: 6:00PM-11:20PM

Payment methods

Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted

Wine List


Nose To Tail Reviews

Nose To Tail Google Average Rating



There are so many emotions, the aftertaste is amazing
A really nice shop.
The restaurant is run by a couple, and even though it has just opened, it is difficult to make reservations.

Start all at once, so if you arrive early
Have a drink first.
It's all-you-can-drink sake, beer, gin and tonic, and whiskey, but is it okay to include it in the all-you-can-drink plan? ! All the drinks are so good that you will be surprised.

Before the course started, we had three gin and tonics. Homemade tonic water with rare gin.

Sake when the course starts 🍶
I'm speechless
Delicious and flavorful meat dishes.
The level of freshly cooked rice is also too high.
You will be surprised at how quickly one bowl disappears.

Dishes that can only be eaten here.
Marriage of alcohol that can only be enjoyed here
and space

This is a store with a very high level of happiness.
It seems like I can't get a reservation, but I really want to go again 😭😭


Savor it from nose to tail.
All grilling is left to the professionals, with full attention.

For alcohol, we are particular about Japanese sake, and we also stock rare alcoholic beverages such as Japanese gin, rum, whiskey, and sake.

Last year, the restaurant started preparing and serving aged meat, and has made further progress.

This is a very difficult store to book, with all reservations until the middle of 2025 already taken.

A reservation slot that I took far away from my memory.
The four of us will enjoy this day.

When you take the elevator to the third floor of a building along Kagurazaka and enter the shop, you will be greeted by the master.
Special seats in the center of the counter seats.

《Aged meat selection course 16,900 yen (tax included)》
Alcohol is free flow.
You can drink rare alcoholic beverages, but you can also drink even more valuable alcoholic beverages.

Cheers with beer.

○ Space beer CRYSTAL (additional 1,300 yen)
[Brewer's Notes] To express the crystal flavor, this smoothie is rich in raspberries, blueberries, maple syrup, and coconut, making it sour and delicious! Definitely refrigerate! ! !

Super rich berry flavor with a sour taste.
It doesn't feel like beer when I drink it, but I do feel a slight beer-like bitterness in the aftertaste.
If you mix it with beer halfway through, it will have a different taste.

▪️Tail soup
Season the soup with simmered tails only with salt.
Very gentle taste.
First, warm up your stomach and you're ready.

○ Kimine Tsuru Lakes Chapter 1 Junmai Ginjo Origarami Raw
Sake from Saga Prefecture
Fruity like white wine

▪️Tsurami sashimi
First with salt, then with wasabi and dashi soy sauce.
Firm and chewy texture
The dashi soy sauce-based sauce has a sweet taste that goes well with the sashimi.

with homemade tonic water
Harmony of traditional gin flavor and gorgeous botanicals
Spreads a floral scent

▪️7 types of appetizer platter
This appetizer is always a treat

・Compare two types of ham
Beef tongue ham, Bresola (dried beef) ham
The dressing is Akita rice and agave sake lees mayo.
Egg-free, fermented mayo, 50 calories off
Mustard mayo also blended

·Meat Pie
Made with aged Okayama Chiya beef
Aged for 2 months
Turn the delicious part of the center full of amino acids into a meat pie.
Serve without salt at first.
The hot meat is firm and firm, and the more you chew, the more flavor it overflows.

・Homemade meat miso, plum & cheese
Enjoy in one bite
Plum and miso go great together

・Eggplant, tomato, pickled urte
Ulte with fine cuts
The crunchy texture is delicious.

・Ichibo beef sashimi
Beautiful marbling meat seasoned with Ryukyu sauce
I'm excited about the deliciousness of this

・Hormone white dressing
Hormones that have been salted to remove moisture
With a plate of loquats

·Chilled juice
Uses the part of aged meat that has lost its moisture and become tough.
The soup stock taken from the parts that would otherwise be thrown away is used to make Miyazaki's chilled soup.

○ Saint Hizirizm Sake starter activated sake Foaming cloudy raw
Gunma Prefecture sake made only with sake starter

○ Rice and Agave DOBUROKU Hop Doburoku
Hop doburoku made from hops used in beer making as an accessory ingredient

Beef bone ribs and pelvic bone soup
All domestically produced
Adjust the taste with Japanese fish sauce shottsuru
The scent of cilantro
Refresh with a squeeze of lime

○ Seven Seas Gold Kikusui Sake Brewery 40%
craft coke cracker

◆Sauce on a white plate
・Banana, apple, onion, lemon

◆Sauce on a black plate
・Bean sauce, starch syrup, ginger, garlic

○ Native (Ubusuna) Namazake

▪️Tottori Prefecture Starry Sky Dance (US)
Cook over open flame in a vermicular pot
I'd like a regular portion, please.
It's delicious just with salted wasabi and rice.

○ Modern Sengoku Muku 2023 Direct drawing

《Aged meat》
Grilled with Tosa Bincho charcoal
The aroma that wafts when grilling is completely different from ordinary meat.

Well-balanced meat with plenty of marbling.
This is also salt

▪️Shikimbo (peach)
Strong meat taste
Add plenty of sauce from the black plate and wrap the rice with wasabi.

▪️Crescent moon
outside rib meat
Carefully bake the border between the hardened part and the hardened part.
The meat has a strong flavor and has a different flavor than raw meat.

▪️Medium meat
Plenty of sauce on a black plate
Spread the meat over rice, add wasabi and fermented mayo.

▪️Gopchang (small intestine)
It's covered in plenty of white sauce and bounces on top of the rice, staining it.
After chewing thoroughly, my mouth becomes coated with fat, I drink the peach liqueur mixed with yogurt, leaving behind that aftertaste.
And enjoy the rice with sauce
Really 7 times more delicious

○ Houou Mida Peach Liqueur
・Hofu (drinkable yogurt)

▪️Shinshin's Dirty Steak
Place directly on binchotan charcoal and grill vigorously.
Sprinkling sugar causes a Maillard reaction, creating a fragrance.
with salt or black sauce

○ Iyo Kagiya Unfiltered Pure Rice Raw Unprocessed Sake
Extra Edition Limited Selection Single Tank
・(Excerpt from the explanation) Those who visit the brewery will taste the sake themselves, and the unblended book will be made into a limited edition senbatsu.

Sandwiched with seaweed to make Isobe mochi style
Mino is so soft and elastic that you think it's actually rice cake.

○ Kazekoshi Seiran Self-grown rice Junmai Ginjo

Add more until the tongue is cooked.
Of course, the course fee
Red meat that goes very well with sauce

▪️Habaki (shank)
Also added
Rich and soft red meat

Thoroughly grilled and plump tongue
Crispy texture that leaves a rare feeling in the center
The people around me had a lot of food because their stomachs were nearing their limit.

▪️Meat soba
Soup that brings out the flavor of meat
Otoijifu soba, which has already ceased production.
Stock will run out soon
From now on, it will be changed to "New!! Otoijifu Soba"
I forgot to add the leftover rice to the leftover soup and ate it all first.

▪️Miyazaki prefecture banana & vanilla ice cream
Bananas wrapped in aluminum foil and steamed for a while are extremely sweet.
with lemon tea liqueur

○ Chiebijin Lemon Tea Liqueur
Summer limited edition products
Lemon tea liqueur that is neither lemon liqueur nor black tea liqueur
It really tastes like lemon tea when you drink it

I thoroughly enjoyed the food, meat, and alcohol this time as well.

You can spend a pleasant time enjoying the attentiveness and pleasant customer service of the couple.

How many times can you enjoy it?

It's a store I'm really looking forward to coming back to.


Too delicious... All I can say is this.
Aged meat yakiniku is already difficult to reserve, but it's definitely worth going ✨
It's a shop you'll want to visit again 😎
The alcoholic repertoire included sake and whiskey that you can't get anywhere else, and it was so delicious🥰
Thank you for the meal🙏

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