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Pascal Le Gac Chocolatier

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Desserts: Chocolate

Pascal Le Gac Chocolatier Description

Located in Tokyo, PASCAL LE GAC chocolatier is a unique dining establishment that specializes in chocolate and cake. This charming café offers a delightful experience for chocolate lovers and dessert enthusiasts alike. With its cozy and inviting atmosphere, PASCAL LE GAC chocolatier is the perfect place to indulge in a sweet treat or enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee.

What sets PASCAL LE GAC chocolatier apart from other dining establishments is its focus on high-quality chocolate and exquisite cakes. The menu features a wide variety of chocolate creations, from rich and creamy truffles to decadent chocolate cakes. Each dessert is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a truly unforgettable taste experience.

One of the standout menu items at PASCAL LE GAC chocolatier is their signature chocolate cake. Made with the finest ingredients and expertly layered with velvety chocolate ganache, this cake is a true masterpiece. The combination of flavors and textures creates a harmonious balance that will leave you craving for more.

Whether you're a chocolate connoisseur or simply looking for a delightful dessert, PASCAL LE GAC chocolatier is the place to be. Indulge in the heavenly flavors of their chocolate creations and experience the artistry of their cakes. With its warm ambiance and delectable offerings, PASCAL LE GAC chocolatier is a must-visit destination for any dessert lover in Tokyo.

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Pascal Le Gac Chocolatier Overview


2-chōme-12-13 Akasaka, Minato City, Tokyo 107-0052


+81 (0) 3-6230-9413


1 minute walk from Tameike-Sanno Station, Exit 11

Operating Hours

Sun: Closed
Mon: 11:00AM-7:00PM
Tue: 11:00AM-7:00PM
Wed: 11:00AM-7:00PM
Thur: 11:00AM-7:00PM
Fri: 11:00AM-7:00PM
Sat: 11:00AM-6:00PM

Payment methods

Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Restaurant Features

Home Delivery

Take-out Available


WiFi Available

Stylish Interior

Pascal Le Gac Chocolatier Reviews

Pascal Le Gac Chocolatier Google Average Rating



Absolutely delicious chocolate and I fell in love with the chocolate flower so I went straight for it!
12 different chocolates/textures, simply a masterpiece! Lovely place to sit down and have chocolate :) might go back again for the other sweets in the store !!!


The chocolate tart was to die for: perfect texture and intense chocolate flavor. A bit expensive than other places but well worth the money.


Nice surprise in Akasaka!

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