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Quatre Lapin Kobe Sannomiya

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Quatre Lapin Kobe Sannomiya Description

At Quatre Lapin, diners can expect opulent ingredients like foie gras and lobster, all part of an indulgent dinner course priced at a reasonable 5,500 yen. Beyond the food, it's the heartwarming hospitality, particularly from the amiable owners, that leaves a lasting impression.
The restaurant's ambiance is thoughtfully curated. Its slightly dimmed interior creates a romantic milieu, making it an ideal choice for intimate dates. An interesting design element is the narrow wall behind the counter, just spacious enough for a single person. Despite its upscale offerings, Quatre Lapin maintains a casual vibe, further evidenced by its counter-style seating.
Standout dishes include the steak set and risotto. The shrimp soup, versatile in its appeal when served both hot and cold, is a testament to the chef's mastery. Patrons also praise the pie crust, panna cotta, tuna, and pork preparations. A notable mention is the perfectly seasoned fillet, which, despite being extremely rare, dances delightfully on the palate.
Quatre Lapin is not merely a dining spot; it's an experience. With rave reviews setting high expectations, this gem does more than just meet them—it transcends. Fresh ingredients, impeccable seasoning, and genuine warmth from the staff make this establishment a must-visit when in Kobe.

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Quatre Lapin Kobe Sannomiya Overview


Asty Sannomiya 1f, 4-1-23 Kumoidori, Chuo- ku, Kobe, Hyogo 651-0096


+81 (0) 50-5595-6716


5 minutes walk from Sannomiya station

Operating Hours

Mon: Closed, except for holidays (dinner only - closed the following Tuesday).
Tues-Fri: 12:00-14:00 (no lunch reservations), 18:00-24:00
Sat-Sun: 12:00-24:00 (course only)

Payment methods


Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted


Stylish Interior


Quatre Lapin Kobe Sannomiya Reviews

Quatre Lapin Kobe Sannomiya Google Average Rating



Translated from Japanese:
I visited for lunch and was very satisfied ❗️ one of my few evaluations ⭐️ 5 👏
Mr. Quatre Lapin has visited the store in Nakatsu before on various anniversaries of his family of five, and it was wonderful, so if I have the opportunity, I would like to visit the stores in Shinchi and Sannomiya. was
I decided to visit Kobe for business and have lunch in Sannomiya, so I went to Quatre Lapin without hesitation.
Open at 11am and arrive before 12pm. Two or three people behind us finished today 💦 I'm glad I managed to slip in, but there's probably a limit to the amount of meat, so hurry up.
The steak set is full of volume, irresistibly rare, and the cost performance is wonderful 👏. I would like you to try this once.
I ordered 360g (2 pieces), but I ate it all up. And I ordered red wine 🍷 to enjoy the meat.
Anyway, I want you to eat it once.
The owner was also very friendly, and I was very happy to talk to our couple for the first time.


Translated from Japanese:
Visited for lunch on weekdays
It seems that the business was from 11:00, and we lined up on the second lap. By the way, it seems that the business was closed in the second week.
Mine is 1,350 yen for 2. it's a thick piece of meat that's been grilled on the surface. Ginger based sauce. A woman in her 70s next door was also eating with chopsticks, so I think anyone can eat it.
Those who don't like red meat
Those who don't like sweet grilled meat
cannot be recommended for
The more you chew, the more flavor you get, the tender red meat, and I think you can feel the cost performance.


Translated from Japanese:
A French restaurant where you can casually eat at the counter. There are many coin parking lots nearby.
The wall behind the counter is just big enough for one person to pass through. You can hang a coat, etc., and there is a basket underneath to put your luggage.
However, I am worried that my luggage will not be visible in the direction.
The space between the seats at the counter is quite narrow, so you will be quite close to the person next to you.
The drinks are good and the food is very delicious.
The chef in the kitchen explains the dishes, but I can't hear much.


Translated from Japanese:
Best steak lunch with cost performance
Today's lunch is Sannomiya. Heading east from the station, I visited Quatre Lapin, who was working as a BM, for the first time. When I came to the lattice door restaurant two doors down, I was intrigued by the smell of meat and the queue outside.
I arrived at 11:40 and there was already a line, with 9 customers in front of me. All you can do is line up quietly. After a while, the shopkeeper came outside. They came to take orders one by one. However, all that is asked is the number of pieces of meat. I would like 1.5 pieces of steak, each 180g.
I waited for about 15 minutes and went into the store. There are only 10 seats at the counter. The owner is grilling meat in the open kitchen. The smell makes me feel more and more hungry.
Salad and bite-sized pieces of meat are served on a large platter. Soup and rice are a little small.
The meat is rare and topped with sauce. When you eat a piece, it's soft and delicious. The meat is well seasoned. Although it may be imported meat, it looks like aged meat that has been seasoned and aged. There's plenty of it, so you'll feel very satisfied. This costs 1100 yen, and the CP is also very good.
However, I would like the customers to ask me how they would like it cooked, and since it's lunch, I'd like some garlic. I wish the sauce would be served on a separate plate and the salt and pepper placed on the counter so I could enjoy different flavors. But it was delicious. I think it would have been better to have two pieces of meat.
Thank you for the meal.
Please note that the prepared meat will be sold out after 12:00 and lunch will be over.


Translated from Japanese:
Everything was delicious! ! ! The quantity and delivery speed are perfect! This time, I had a reservation for the evening, so it was private, which was good.
The second half of the eel pie wrap was a little boring, and I think there was too much sweet potato to go with the fillet!
And carrots? pumpkin? The espuma was so delicious. I want you to sell that.
Very satisfied!

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