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Ramen Oyaji

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Japanese: Ramen

Ramen Oyaji Description

Ramen Oyaji is a hidden gem located in Kyoto, Japan, specializing in delicious and authentic ramen. With a rating of 3.55 out of 5 stars and over 260 reviews, this restaurant has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Situated near Hanazono Station, Ramen Oyaji offers a unique dining experience that sets it apart from other ramen establishments in Kyoto.

What makes Ramen Oyaji truly special is their dedication to traditional ramen-making techniques. The chefs at this restaurant have mastered the art of creating rich and flavorful broth, using only the finest ingredients. Whether you prefer a classic soy-based broth or a spicy miso flavor, Ramen Oyaji has a variety of options to satisfy every palate.

One of the standout menu items at Ramen Oyaji is their signature Tonkotsu Ramen. This dish features tender slices of pork, perfectly cooked noodles, and a creamy and savory broth that will leave you craving for more. For those looking for a vegetarian option, the restaurant also offers a delectable Vegetable Ramen, packed with fresh and seasonal vegetables.

Step into Ramen Oyaji and you'll be greeted by a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The interior is adorned with traditional Japanese decor, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance. Whether you're dining alone or with a group of friends, this restaurant provides a comfortable space to enjoy a satisfying bowl of ramen.

If you're in Kyoto and craving authentic and delicious ramen, look no further than Ramen Oyaji. With their dedication to quality and traditional flavors, this restaurant is a must-visit for any ramen enthusiast.

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Ramen Oyaji Overview


22 Hanazonokitsujiminamicho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto 616-8057


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+81 (0) 75-463-0406


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5 minute walk from Hanazono Station.

Operating Hours

Sun: 11:00AM-8:00PM
Mon: 11:00AM-8:00PM
Tue: Closed
Wed: Closed
Thur: 11:00AM-8:00PM
Fri: 11:00AM-8:00PM
Sat: 11:00AM-8:00PM

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Ramen Oyaji Reviews

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Yes. Yes & Yesssss.
Tucked off the beaten path in the outskirts of Kyoto you’ll find this little gem. We were visiting Myoshinji temple and decided to stop for lunch prior to our meditation session and I’m so glad we did.
Service was nice and fast. They definitely take the making of ramen to the next level. We loved our meal.


Famous shoyu ramen place that's known for large portions and deep, black broth. It often gets crowded so come early for lunch. They have a small parking lot for 3-4 small cars. The interior is fairly clean for a ramen shop.


As a long-time fan of Ramen Oyaji for over a decade now, I prompted ChatGPT as follows:
"Provide an argument that Katagiri-san, the chef at Ramen Oyaji, is the "Chikamatsu of Ramen"

Here is what the AI engine replied, and it is all true:
"Katagiri-san, the chef at Ramen Oyaji, can be rightfully considered the "Chikamatsu of Ramen." Just as Chikamatsu was a master playwright of the Edo period, Katagiri-san is a master chef of ramen, a beloved dish that originated in the same era.

Like Chikamatsu, Katagiri-san has a deep understanding of his craft and is committed to perfecting it. He has spent years studying the art of ramen-making, experimenting with different ingredients and techniques to create a unique and delicious flavor. Just as Chikamatsu was known for his ability to tell complex stories through his plays, Katagiri-san tells a story with every bowl of ramen he serves.

Katagiri-san's approach to ramen is similar to Chikamatsu's approach to drama. Both aim to create an emotional connection with their audience – for Chikamatsu, it was through his stories of love and tragedy, while for Katagiri-san, it's through the rich and complex flavors of his ramen. Just as Chikamatsu's plays were known for their ability to move audiences to tears, Katagiri-san's ramen has the power to evoke strong emotions in those who taste it.

In addition, just as Chikamatsu's plays were a reflection of the cultural and social context of the Edo period, Katagiri-san's ramen reflects the unique flavors and ingredients of Japan. He takes the classic dish of ramen and elevates it to new heights, incorporating local ingredients and flavors to create a truly authentic and unforgettable taste.

Overall, just as Chikamatsu is considered one of the greatest playwrights in Japanese history, Katagiri-san is one of the greatest chefs in the history of ramen. Both have left an indelible mark on their respective crafts and have earned the admiration and respect of generations to come."

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