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Ramenya Shio Soba Shizuku

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Japanese: Ramen

Ramenya Shio Soba Shizuku Description

Located in Nagoya and ranked #4 among the city's ramen establishments, Ramenya Shio Soba Shizuku showcases culinary excellence. This noodle house invites patrons with a medley of flavors and textures.
The experience begins with its signature ramen: a dish characterized by its deep amber hue, served in a generously sized bowl. This delicacy features a mix of chicken breast, pork char siu, bamboo shoots, and fresh green onions. The soup is a blend of chicken and seafood bases with a salt sauce. The taste is full-bodied and balanced, with a hint of genius. The seafood elements, primarily bonito, are restrained yet balanced.
The noodles are medium-thin flat strands with a unique texture, carrying umami flavors that interact well with the broth. The toppings include smoked chicken breast for smokiness and pork shoulder loin for a balanced meaty profile.
Beyond ramen, the mazesoba stands out with complementary flavors, and the option to upsize for free is a treat. The char siu, whether roasted or slow-cooked, is satisfying, especially with a touch of table pepper. The boiled egg reflects Shizuku's commitment to perfection. The finale, smoked ham, paired with the exquisite broth, leaves diners amazed.
Ramenya Shio Soba Shizuku offers a culinary journey through expertly curated flavors and textures, creating memories of an exceptional meal.

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Ramenya Shio Soba Shizuku Overview


Staria 1f, 4-15 Shimosaka-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 467-0827


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+81 (0) 90-3959-4269


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10 minutes walk from Horita subway station

Operating Hours

Mon-Sat: 11:30-15:00 (LO 14:50)
Sun: Closed

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Reservations Not Accepted

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Ramenya Shio Soba Shizuku Reviews

Ramenya Shio Soba Shizuku Google Average Rating



Nice soba place with great taste. The soup had a light taste, but the meat toppings were really good. The chicken slices were smoked and went well with the light soup and noodles. The mazesoba is also easily one of the best. There is a free up size option, and the meat is really good (I think it's cured). And the noodles really match the vinegar sauce.


Translated from Japanese:
Michelin Guide Aichi, Gifu, Mie special edition, Michelin-rated restaurant
Visit for lunch (lunch service only)
8 counter seats
There is a table for 2 people, but it is not used.
I had the salty Shio soba (with meatballs) on the signboard menu.
The soup is made from chicken bones and dried foods, and has a light flavor with mineral-rich natural salt.
Homemade noodles are flat noodles with whole grains that are easy to swallow.
It was a product that was particular about natural materials.
It is a shop where you have to line up even before it opens.

Parking: 2 parking lots in front of the store
A total of 6 cars are available, 4 on the opposite side of the road.
One space in front of the store is for waiting outside.


Translated from Japanese:
I visited with my juniors for lunch.
I had soy sauce flavor, meat balls and rice.
Pork char siu and chicken breast meat with a little smoked char siu were included, and the chicken had a little peculiarity.
The soup was seafood and delicious.
It feels like it contains dried sardines.
It was delicious.
Thank you for the meal.

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