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Salon De Thé Musee Imada Minako

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Desserts: Cake

Salon De Thé Musee Imada Minako Description

Salon de Thé Musee Imada Minako is a charming café and cake shop located in the bustling area of Shinjuku, Tokyo. This hidden gem offers a unique dining experience with its fusion of French and Japanese influences. The café's elegant decor and cozy atmosphere create the perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon tea or a delightful dessert indulgence.

One of the highlights of Salon de Thé Musee Imada Minako is its exquisite selection of cakes. Each cake is meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. From classic favorites like strawberry shortcake to innovative creations like matcha tiramisu, there is something to satisfy every sweet tooth. The café also offers a variety of savory dishes, including quiches and sandwiches, perfect for a light lunch or a quick bite.

What sets Salon de Thé Musee Imada Minako apart from other dining establishments is its attention to detail and commitment to quality. The skilled pastry chefs take pride in their creations, ensuring that every cake is a work of art. The café's dedication to using fresh, seasonal ingredients adds an extra layer of flavor to each dish. Whether you're a dessert lover or simply looking for a cozy spot to relax, Salon de Thé Musee Imada Minako is a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts in Tokyo.

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Salon De Thé Musee Imada Minako Overview


5-chōme-24-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-8580


+81 (0) 3-5361-2992


5 minute walk from Shinjuku Station

Operating Hours

Sun: 11:00AM-6:00PM
Mon: 11:00AM-6:00PM
Tue: 11:00AM-6:00PM
Wed: 11:00AM-6:00PM
Thur: 11:00AM-7:30PM
Fri: 11:00AM-6:00PM
Sat: 11:00AM-6:00PM

Payment methods

Cash, Master Card

Restaurant Features

Wheelchair Accessible


Stylish Interior

Salon De Thé Musee Imada Minako Reviews

Salon De Thé Musee Imada Minako Google Average Rating



When I was looking for a cake called Foret Noir from France, I learned that it is the same as Kirschtorte from Germany, and that this shop offers it under the name Black Forest, so I decided to give it a try. The location is a corner of the 4th floor of Shinjuku Takashimaya. There is a store hidden in the women's clothing department. When I visited on the evening of a public holiday, it was full and there were 3 groups waiting. I was told that there was a 90-minute wait, so depending on the situation, I would have to wait quite a while, but my turn came around in about 15 minutes. The interior of the store has an elegant atmosphere with pale pink wallpaper and luxurious furniture. You can order cakes individually, but to match the formality of the restaurant, you order them as a set. Black Forest iced coffee set 1,760 yen. It's a bit pricey, but considering the atmosphere of the place, it's probably worth it. The Black Forest was a delicious combination of cream and sponge, and the grapes inside were a nice accent. It has an elaborate and elegant taste. The red thing in front of the cake was cherry ice cream, and the strong sourness complemented the sweetness of the cake. I think it's a well thought out structure. It's not cheap enough that you can go back to it many times, but it's a good place to spend time with your loved ones.


[Visited on 2023.06.13]
This is my first visit to Salon de th Muse IMADA MINAKO Shinjuku Takashimaya store in Shinjuku. As it's part of Takashimaya, it's built like a luxury salon, and it's a tea salon that serves as a place for madams to socialize.

I chose Diane's cheesecake because it had a gorgeous atmosphere among the many simple sweets. The cake set comes with coffee or tea.

This time I tried making hot tea. The berry sauce and fruits are served on a pure white plate, and the color is beautiful.

The cake is a baked cheesecake, but it is served chilled, so it almost feels like a rare cheesecake. A cake made in the image of the beautiful Diane de Poitier has a beautiful yet ephemeral feel to it.


I received the king's snack.
For the main cake, choose from black forest (cherry cake) and cheesecake, but I chose cheesecake.
The scones are small, but they are warm, crispy, and perfect with the clotted cream.
Each baked sweet is delicious.
The cheesecake also had my favorite sour cream.
The shop has a solemn atmosphere that makes you forget you are in a department store.

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