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Shurakutei Kuan

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Japanese: Ramen

Shurakutei Kuan Description

Shurakutei Kuan offers a distinct dining experience with its ramen kaiseki, all while providing a picturesque view of a Japanese garden. Upon arrival, patrons are greeted with a refreshing cold ginger juice. The culinary journey begins with warmed duck meat and green onions, thoughtfully designed to prepare the palate. The main attraction is the ramen, featuring thin noodles and a delicate soup.
A highly recommended choice is the duck hachi ramen paired with egg toji rice, a dish celebrated for its exquisite flavors and elegant presentation. The restaurant's commitment to using top-tier ingredients is evident in each offering. Notably, the menma is infused with the invigorating aroma and tingling sensation of grape sansho, handpicked by the chef from Wakayama, providing a delightful accent to the dish. Equally praiseworthy is the flavored egg, a true culinary gem that transports diners to uncharted gastronomic territory.
The meal progresses with single-dish snacks before unveiling the delectable boiled dumplings. These dumplings are a true delight, with their meat juice creating the most flavorful soup. The homemade mustard topping, a long-awaited feature, perfectly complements the pork, resulting in a truly satisfying experience.
Duck is the star of the show, with a rich duck flavor permeating the ramen. The delicate soup is a testament to the chef's mastery, skillfully capturing the essence of duck. The duck char siu is particularly noteworthy, boasting a tender texture achieved through precise pasteurization.
The opulent setting adds to the overall allure, making it an ideal choice for special occasions or memorable evenings. The diverse flavors and artful presentations are sure to captivate the palates of both food enthusiasts and ramen connoisseurs, rendering this restaurant a must-visit destination.

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Shurakutei Kuan Overview


122 Takejicho, Midori Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 458-0917


+81 (0) 52-622-9888


10 minutes walk from Meitetsu Arimatsu Station

Operating Hours

Fri-Tue: 11 AM–2:30 PM, 6–9 PM
Wed-Thur: Closed

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Reservations Not Accepted

Shurakutei Kuan Reviews

Shurakutei Kuan Google Average Rating



They were really helpful to help me eat as a foreigner who's not used to asian kitchen. Translator works just fine. The food is a lot tastier than in the big cities. Cooked with love, you can taste it!


Nice place with delicious duck Raman, and it tastes light with right hints of seasons in the soup!


Translated from Japanese:
I ordered the duck hachi ramen and egg toji rice.
Before the ramen came, the duck and green onion plate came.
This was really delicious.
Both the ramen and egg rice were very delicious.
The inside of the store was also luxurious and it was very good.


Translated from Japanese:
It was delicious. And the scenery outside the store is beautiful! By the way, the store is also clean and beautiful.
I ordered ramen (Porukichi), but the cherry blossom radish marinagashi came out first, followed by the duck onion. It was a feeling. Please enjoy the duck separately from the ramen. The soup and noodles were very delicious, and it was the most delicious ramen I've ever eaten using porcini mushrooms. The taste balls were also delicious. The store clerk was also very pleasant, and I had a very wonderful time ♪
At night, it seems to be a dumpling shop, and they also offer ramen that is not available during the day, so I definitely want to come at night!

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