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American: Steakhouse

Steak Taira

Steak Taira Overview


Rm Building, 3-chōme-37-3 Yushima, Bunkyo City, Tokyo 113-0034


+81 (0) 3-3836-9648


2 minute walk from Yushima Station.

Operating Hours

Sun: Closed
Mon: 5:30PM-10:00PM
Tue: 5:30PM-10:00PM
Wed: 5:00PM-10:00PM
Thur: 5:30PM-10:00PM
Fri: 5:30PM-10:00PM
Sat: 5:30PM-10:00PM

Payment methods

Cash, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Steak Taira Description

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Steak Taira is a hidden gem that offers a unique dining experience. Specializing in both steak and seafood, this restaurant is a haven for food enthusiasts looking to indulge in the finest flavors Japan has to offer.

What sets Steak Taira apart from other dining establishments is its commitment to quality and attention to detail. The chefs at Steak Taira are masters of their craft, using only the freshest ingredients to create mouthwatering dishes that are bursting with flavor. Whether you're in the mood for a perfectly cooked steak or a delectable seafood dish, you can expect nothing but the best at Steak Taira.

The restaurant's sleek and modern decor creates a sophisticated ambiance, making it the perfect place for a special occasion or a romantic dinner. The menu at Steak Taira is extensive, offering a wide range of options to cater to every palate. From juicy ribeye steaks to succulent grilled lobster, each dish is expertly prepared and beautifully presented.

If you're looking for a dining experience that combines the best of Japanese cuisine with a touch of elegance, look no further than Steak Taira. With its impeccable service, exquisite menu, and stylish atmosphere, this restaurant is a must-visit for any food lover in Tokyo.

Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted

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Steak Taira Reviews

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This is the last place meat enthusiasts end up at.
The charcoal-grilled chateaubriand prepared by the owner-chef is amazing.
If you like meat, please give it a try.


Translated from Japanese:

A retro snack bar. The chairs are also quite old, which gives it a nice taste. The shop's owner, who has the visuals and atmosphere of an eccentric science major with a habit of sleeping, turned into an old man, created this restaurant with an obsession with beef...


Translated from Japanese:

To "Steak Taira" in Yushima. It is said to be a shop that was aired in 2020 in 2020, the shop where Jimon Terakado refused to be interviewed. It has been 18 years since we started business here. I was expecting the store to be a lot dirtier, so I thought it was completely acceptable...


Translated from Japanese:

I am indebted to my neighbors from time to time. This is a restaurant that specializes in eating delicious meat, and we always leave you feeling wonderfully satisfied. Although the genre is a little different, I have the same impression of deliciousness as Kagurazaka's Kushiage Hayashi...

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