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Sushi Fuji Description

Located in Tokyo, Sushi Fuji is a newly opened restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. The restaurant specializes in traditional sushi and seafood dishes, with a focus on seasonal ingredients sourced from various regions. What sets Sushi Fuji apart is its dedication to innovation while honoring culinary traditions. The skilled chefs craft each piece of sushi with precision and care, showcasing a creative twist on classic flavors.

The restaurant features a Hinoki counter with seating for eight guests, as well as four private rooms accommodating between four to twelve diners. Whether you choose to sit at the interactive counter or in the cozy private rooms, you'll be immersed in a blend of traditional and modern Japanese ambiance. Sushi Fuji's signature Omakase Course is a must-try, available for both lunch and dinner, where diners can savor a selection of seasonal delicacies expertly prepared by the chefs. With attention to detail and a commitment to quality, Sushi Fuji invites guests to indulge in an exquisite culinary journey that celebrates the essence of Japanese cuisine.

Sushi Fuji Overview


8-chōme -7-19 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061


+81 (0) 3-6263-9190

Operating Hours

Sun: 12:00PM-2:30PM, 5:00PM-11:00PM
Mon: 12:00PM-2:30PM, 5:00PM-11:00PM
Tue: 12:00PM-2:30PM, 5:00PM-11:00PM
Wed: 12:00PM-2:30PM, 5:00PM-11:00PM
Thur: 12:00PM-2:30PM, 5:00PM-11:00PM
Fri: 12:00PM-2:30PM, 5:00PM-11:00PM
Sat: 12:00PM-2:30PM, 5:00PM-11:00PM

Payment methods

Cash, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB

Restaurant Features

Reservations Accepted

Private Dining Room

Sake Selection

Stylish Interior

Sushi Fuji Reviews

Sushi Fuji Google Average Rating



Enjoy sushi at Sushi Fumi in Ginza.

On this day, I visited Sushi Fumi in Ginza after being recommended by a fellow gourmet. The restaurant is a spacious sushi restaurant with a counter and four private rooms that can be used for various purposes.

The content is divided into courses, and the courses I received this time are as follows.

Bowl of mackerel and bamboo shoots

Kimme kombujime, botan shrimp, pickled bonito

Medium-fatty, fatty but not greasy, sweet and delicious. It's great to be able to hit it right at the beginning of the nigiri.


fried white fish


Golden grilled scallops

The prawns were plump and delicious.I really liked the lemon accent.

Trotaku roll with Japanese yam and sea grapes.It was a rare trotak, but I personally liked the strong Japanese yam flavor. The stickiness of the Japanese yam and the chewy texture of the sea grapes go well with the trotak and the texture is delicious.

The clams had a nice plump texture and the sweet sauce was also good.


Red sea bream steamed in cherry leaves

Sea urchin is sweet, melty and extremely delicious. It was a drink.

Pickled tuna

conger eel


Ball: A sweet ball similar to pudding. It was a great experience that you can't get anywhere else.

The restaurant is bright and bright, and the chefs and staff provide courteous customer service, so I think it's a wonderful restaurant where even beginners to sushi can go without feeling nervous.


I went to my favorite sushi restaurant!
[Visit date]
Weekday dinner time

I made a reservation.
The counter was full during peak hours, so
We recommend that you make a reservation.
(You can also make online reservations from Tabelog, which is convenient)

[Access] 10 minutes walk from Ginza B3 exit
It may be closer from Shinbashi Station (3 minutes walk)

[Order details]
This is a restaurant with one omakase course (23,000 yen).

⚫︎ Bowl of Nodoguro and bamboo shoots
⚫︎Buri sashimi, red shellfish, shime mackerel
⇨It's so thick, I've never eaten yellowtail this thick. . .
Shime mackerel is eaten with onions, green onions, and ginger (this is really delicious)
⚫︎Simmered red bean liver with Japanese pepper

~Start gripping~
⚫︎Sumi squid (bamboo ink salt is on top)
⚫︎Medium Toro

⚫︎Sawara grilled with sake salt

⚫︎Clam sushi

⚫︎Fugu milt and sea grapes + yuzu sauce
⇨It was risotto-like with sushi rice, which was unusual but delicious!

⚫︎Kuruma prawn⇨The tail is warped! !
The visuals are too beautiful! ! Of course, you can even eat the warped tail.

⚫︎Sea urchin

⚫︎Fried puffer fish
⇨You don't often get fried food at sushi restaurants, do you? I was looking forward to hearing the sounds of fried food coming from the kitchen, and then I found puffer fish! !
The meat part was juicy.

⚫︎Pickled tuna
⚫︎Conger eel

⚫︎Miso soup⇨Ara soup
⚫︎Dessert style eggs
⇨Strong taste of fresh cream! Even if I was served a pudding rather than an egg, I wouldn't even notice!

[Sake ordered]
There is a system where you can choose a glass when ordering sake.
⇨By the way, I have Hermes glasses! ! !
I was so excited!
• Hiroki
•Hiroto River

[Good points, impressive things]
-They can store your coat and luggage for you (because they didn't have a place to put your luggage, they kept it for you! You don't want the space under your desk to be cluttered)

•You will be asked if you want to eat the sushi with your hands or with chopsticks.
In the case of hand towels, they will explain to you about the type of wet towels that are placed there and can be expanded by pouring water over them.

•The building itself has a hard time getting a signal, but you don't have to worry as it is fully equipped with Wi-Fi.

•The toilet is clean.
Mouthwash and cotton set included

•The speed of delivery is fast.

•The most impressive thing was
The toppings are quite meaty, and the sushi rice is also larger than other restaurants, making this sushi both photogenic and filling!
The photos of the nigiri are beautiful because they are all large items...
The dishes other than sushi are also very delicious and well thought out.

If you want to eat authentic sushi in a prime location in Ginza, we definitely recommend this place.
The general is also a friendly and interesting person!
I decided to visit here again⭐︎


Sushi Tomomi @sushitomi*

《Recommended points》
☑︎Recommended for dinner in the spacious restaurant
☑︎Characteristic punchy red rice
☑︎A precious Sunday store opens in the Ginza area

[Month of visit] March 2024 Dinner
[Reservation] Tabelog
[Access] 5 minutes walk from Shinbashi Station

[Course] *Service charge not included
・Dinner 23,000 yen
・Lunch 11,000 yen

A sushi restaurant has opened in a prime location on Ginza 8-chome.
In addition to the counter, the restaurant also has private rooms, giving it a relaxed atmosphere.

It's also easy to make reservations because they don't start all at once. Another great thing is that you can make reservations online! ︎

Lunch pricing is also attractive. Recommended for those who want a quick Ginza lunch.


Bowl of bamboo shoots and mackerel, a bowl that feels like spring
Sashimi Golden sea bream, Botan shrimp, Bonito
Stewed Monkey Liver with Sansho Sake Project
Chutoro Ishiji's tuna is delicious
Gari is thinly sliced ​​and easy to eat
Ink squid has a good texture
white sweet sea bream
Unglazed scallops - Delicious slightly junky seasoning
fava beans
Futomaki sea grape accent
Finished mackerel
Prawns boiled and beautifully shaped
fried white fish
Boiled clams
sea ​​urchin
pickled red meat
conger eel
dessert ball
Omakase sake

Location: 8-chome, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Price range: 25,000 yen to 30,000 yen (night)
12,000 yen - 15,000 yen (lunch)
Regular holidays Irregular holidays
Reference: Tabelog 3.53 (at the time of visit)
Opening date August 2023
Awards -


Overturn common sense! ? Sushi prepared by a cheerful and playful chef

Opening in Ginza in August 2023,
One course for both lunch and dinner.
The content seemed to overturn stereotypes.

Even though it is located in Ginza, it is not crowded.
Enjoy a lively conversation with the humorous general
It was a fun sushi restaurant!

▶︎ What I ate
Omakase richness course ¥23,000
*Drinks are separate
◎Mackerel Tomozuku
◎Sashimi Fried pickled bonito, Botan shrimp, Greenling with kelp
◎Tempura firefly squid, white asparagus, cod sprouts
squid with lemon
Medium Toro
Fatty rolls with sea grapes and yams
Finished mackerel
Sea urchin with salt
Pickled tuna
conger eel
◎Black Mutsu Denrakuyaki meltingly...!
◎Steamed Japanese blackfin with yam
◎Red soup

The sashimi bonito was fried!
This is my first time having fried pickled bonito.
Plump Botan shrimp with bamboo ink salt.
Although it is sticky, the sweetness stands out.

The tempura lineup is also wonderful.
Served with two types of salt. This shop,
Apparently they use three different types of salt.

And a handful. I asked for more wasabi.

First up is the squid.
It is cut into small pieces and served with lemon.
sweet,,,! ?
Next is Chutoro. This one melted in my mouth.

What surprised me was the Toro Takumaki.
Contains sea grapes and yams, so plenty of toppings
It's a very fluffy hand roll.
Enjoy it in one bite.
Although the roll is thick and sticky, the sticky yam gives it a great texture.
A new sensation that dominates. Sea grapes modestly.
This is interesting...! ! !

The shrimp I was interested in based on other people's reviews
He even peeled off the shell of my tail.
You can have the whole thing. Looks cute♪

And sea urchin. You can choose soy sauce or salt.
It seems like a store that is particular about salt.
Select salt here.
It is served by hand without using geta.
...It melted in an instant. delicious…! ! !

Finish off the nigiri with pickled tuna and conger eel.
Very satisfying for both stomach and heart.

The special dish that was delicious was the Kuromutsu.
Just the scent will whet your appetite,
It was so fatty that it melted in my mouth.

The final dessert was an unexpected egg.
The texture is like egg pudding rather than egg roll.
Some common sense? It was an interesting course that completely overturned it!

▶︎ What I drank
◎Aragoshi Lemon ¥700
◎Musical instrument Masamune white drum ¥3,200

We have a wide variety of alcoholic beverages
After all, Japanese sake is in a class of its own. We also have rare items.

Please give me some sweet, easy-to-drink sake, I asked the general.
When I asked for it, I was given the choice of the musical instrument Masamune.
It was slightly sweet and very easy to drink.
Be careful not to drink too much as it can be swallowed quickly.


A popular orthodox Edomae sushi restaurant that opened on August 3, 2023!

The location was Ginza 8-chome, 1 or 2 minutes from GINZA9.
[The nearest station is JR Shinbashi Station]. Also accessible from Ginza Station

This restaurant has a cypress counter for 8 people and 4 private rooms that can seat 4 to 12 people.This time we ate at the counter.
We were greeted by the owner with a kind smile at a nice and luxurious counter.
This restaurant is suitable for dates and entertainment.

I made a reservation for 1:30pm and visited during lunch time.
Menu is only Omakase course for lunch and dinner

Lunch Omakase Fuji Course
The contents of 11,000 yen (tax included) are

○Medium Toro
○Shime mackerel
○Matsukawa flounder
○White shrimp with bamboo ink salt
○Scallops rolled up and eaten style
○ Pickled tuna with yuzu
○Bettara pickled yuzu flavored Kanpyo roll
♦︎Miso soup
♦︎pudding flavored egg

The sushi rice is made with red vinegar and is fluffy.

It's delicious and makes you feel good from the very beginning! ! It has a hidden knife inside, so it's very soft and easy to eat.

・Matsukawa flounder has thick and sweet flesh.
It went perfectly with the refreshing red vinegar shari.

・The white shrimp feels like it melts in your mouth! The sticky sweetness and bamboo ink salt are very delicious.

・Please have the bafun sea urchin placed on your hand. Bafun sea urchin is irresistibly sweet and delicious.
Makes me want to eat more

・The pickled tuna is topped with rubbed yuzu peel, and the scent of yuzu and the tuna melts in your mouth, making you very impressed.

・Bettarazuke is so delicious!
It's rich and contains plenty of Kanpyo! !

・Miso soup has amazing flavor! The only ingredient is green onions, so it's simple but very satisfying.

・Eggs can be eaten like a dessert!
The rich pudding itself has a smooth texture. Very delicious

Everything was delicious and I was surprised at how cost-effective the lunch was! I want to introduce this place to a friend
I would like to visit during dinner time next time.

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