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Japanese: Sushi

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Sushi Oga

Sushi Oga Overview


1 Chome-2-7 Ochohigashi, Sakai Ward, Sakai, Osaka 590-0954


+81 (0) 72-221-1818


10 minutes walk from Sakai Station

Operating Hours

Mon-Sun: 5:30–11:00  PM

Payment methods

VISA, Master Card

Sushi Oga Description

Sushi Oga is an epitome of sushi artistry, earning its status as an award-winning establishment and proudly ranking #3 on Tablelog. The dining experience transcends the ordinary; here, sushi is not just food but a symphony of flavors. Particularly notable is the emphasis on tuna dishes, each crafted to perfection and delivering an unparalleled taste experience. The pronounced texture of the rice harmoniously melds with the toppings, accentuating their umami. First-time visitors often express delight at the unique taste of red vinegar sushi and the unforgettable essence of shari.
Hailed as the pinnacle of sushi in Osaka, Sushi Oga's offerings showcase a harmonious balance between rice and toppings, with the tuna dishes often being celebrated as exceptional. Though a visit might be a premium experience, it's an investment in a culinary journey that lingers in memory. Should you be in Osaka, Sushi Oga stands as a must-visit, offering a gastronomic escapade that's hard to replicate.

Restaurant Features

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Sushi Oga Reviews

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Translated from Japanese:
It's delicious no matter what you eat.
The sushi has a strong rice texture, and the more you chew it, the more the sushi will come together with the toppings, enhancing the umami. It was the first time I felt the texture of shari so much. When tuna is served in the best condition, you can clearly feel the difference in taste and umami depending on the part.


Translated from Japanese:
You can enjoy Kansai's number one sushi. The view of the world created by a young and inquisitive general is impressive. It is a shop that you should visit once in a lifetime.


Translated from Japanese:
Osaka No. 1 sushi! Yamayuki's best tuna is also wonderful! The rice that goes well with the tuna is really delicious! I'm impressed!


Translated from Japanese:
This month, we brought along two people who were visiting us for the first time. Starting with the first salmon roe bowl, we ate a variety of lean tuna, medium-sized fatty tuna, large fatty tuna (small fatty tuna) rare in the Kansai area, Aka uni from Kobashira Yura, conger eel gourd rolls, and green onion fatty tuna rolls to fill our bellies. We hope to see you again next time.


Translated from Japanese:
It's the best.
It was my first time at a sushi restaurant where I ate so much tuna. lol
It was really delicious from start to finish, and the individual dishes were also delicious. Tofu, excellent. I'm glad I came to Osaka to eat there. The
restaurant had a nice atmosphere and was very comfortable.

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