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Tempura Kyorakutei

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Japanese: Tempura

Tempura Kyorakutei Description

Tempura Kyorakutei, an award-winning tempura restaurant in Tokyo, offers a luxurious dining experience. The owner hails from Aizu and takes pride in presenting local cuisine from the region, along with the finest tempura and soba noodles.
The core of the tempura menu comprises a selection of five seafood and four vegetable types. Additionally, diners have the flexibility to add toppings of their choice.
To complement the meal, the restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat selection of four types of soba, udon, cold noodles, and country soba, earning accolades for its delicious offerings. The inclusion of local Fukushima cuisine, such as the Snow crab chawanmushi and Aizu horse sashimi, adds a touch of luxury to the dining experience.
The tempura is prepared with a medium level of lightness and weight, resulting in a delectable texture. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is delightful, often hosting private parties where guests can have a great time. The owner, who operates the restaurant as a hobby, has gained a reputation for delivering delightful culinary experiences.
Tempura Kyorakutei is highly recommended to anyone seeking an exceptional dining experience, offering a wide variety of tempura selections. Beyond the standard shrimp and shrimp heads, diners can choose from a diverse range of seafood and vegetables, including seasonal items like firefly squid and young sweetfish, making it a standout choice for tempura enthusiasts.

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Tempura Kyorakutei Overview


Suga Building 1f, 1−14 Yochomachi, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 162-0055


+81 (0) 33-269-3233


8 minutes walk from Wakamatsu Kawada Station on the Toei Oedo Line
8 minutes walk from Akebonobashi Station on the Toei Shinjuku Line

Operating Hours

Mon-Tue: 6PM onwards
Wed-Sun: Closed
Opening days and hours are irregular and based on reservations made in advance

Payment methods

Cash, VISA, AMEX, Master Card, JCB, Diners Club

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Sake Selection

Wine List

Reservations Required

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