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Tengu-do Umino Bakery

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Tengu-do Umino Bakery Description

Located in Kyoto, TENGU-DO UMINO BAKERY is a hidden gem that specializes in Japanese-style bread and sandwiches. This charming bakery offers a unique twist on traditional bread-making techniques, resulting in a delightful array of flavors and textures.

What sets TENGU-DO UMINO BAKERY apart from other dining establishments is their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and their dedication to craftsmanship. Each loaf of bread is carefully crafted by skilled bakers, ensuring that every bite is a taste of perfection. From the moment you step inside, you'll be greeted by the warm aroma of freshly baked bread, creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

The menu at TENGU-DO UMINO BAKERY features a wide variety of bread and sandwiches, each with its own distinct flavor profile. Whether you're in the mood for a classic ham and cheese sandwich or a unique creation like their signature shrimp katsu sandwich, there's something to satisfy every palate. Don't forget to try their famous melon pan, a sweet bread with a crispy cookie crust that is sure to delight your taste buds.

With its dedication to quality and its innovative approach to bread-making, TENGU-DO UMINO BAKERY is a must-visit for food enthusiasts and bread lovers alike. Experience the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into each loaf of bread and indulge in the delicious flavors that this bakery has to offer.

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Tengu-do Umino Bakery Overview


9 Mibunakagawachō, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto 604-8863


+81 (0) 75-841-9883


6 minute walk from Nishiooji Sanjo Station

Operating Hours

Sun: Closed
Mon: Closed
Tue: 7:00AM-8:00PM
Wed: 7:00AM-8:00PM
Thur: 7:00AM-8:00PM
Fri: 7:00AM-8:00PM
Sat: 7:00AM-8:00PM

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Take-out Available


Tengu-do Umino Bakery Reviews

Tengu-do Umino Bakery Google Average Rating



The bakery looked very old, but the quality of sandwich and danish was really satisfying considering the price.


The best bakery ever!❤️
Me and my boyfriend were in Kyoto and came across this bakery on accident. We tried the sugar twist bread and a peanut butter sandwich. My boyfriend doesn’t really like sweets but he loved it and we both went back for more the next day. I wanted to get the peanut butter bread again but they didn’t have it that day — however the baker himself came out and said that he would use a similar kind of bread and make one for me on the spot. The woman at the counter was also so so nice to me and my boyfriend and was so happy we had come back for more. Going here was one of my favorite parts of my trip from Japan, and the bread was objectively the best bread I’ve ever tried! It was so sweet and delicious, I’m so glad we came across it. Please stop by here if you can, you won’t be disappointed!❤️


100 year old bakery. The people are nice and the bread is good. I'm not a big fan of matcha but the matcha bread I got here was actually really good.

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