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Japanese: Yakitori


Totoya Overview


6-chōme-21-1 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045


+81 (0) 3-3541-8294


7 minute walk from Tsukiji Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)
9 minute walk from Tsukiji Shijo Station (Toei Subway Oedo Line)

Operating Hours

Sun: Closed
Mon: 10:00AM-2:00PM
Tue: 10:00AM-2:00PM
Wed: 10:00AM-2:00PM
Thur: 10:00AM-2:00PM
Fri: 10:00AM-2:00PM
Sat: 9:30AM-2:00PM

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Totoya Description

Totoya is a charming restaurant located in the Tsukiji area of Tokyo, Japan. Specializing in the popular Japanese dish, donburi, Totoya offers a unique dining experience that sets it apart from other establishments in the area. Donburi is a bowl of rice topped with various ingredients, and at Totoya, you can expect to find a wide variety of delicious and beautifully presented donburi options.

The menu at Totoya features a range of donburi dishes, each with its own distinct flavors and ingredients. From the classic Tsukiji Donburi, which showcases the freshest seafood from the nearby fish market, to the mouthwatering Wagyu Beef Donburi, every dish is carefully crafted to highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients. The restaurant also offers vegetarian and vegan options, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to its delectable cuisine, Totoya boasts a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The interior is tastefully decorated with traditional Japanese elements, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance. Whether you're dining alone or with a group of friends, Totoya provides the perfect setting for a memorable meal.

If you're looking to experience the true essence of Japanese cuisine, Totoya is the place to be. With its extensive selection of donburi dishes, charming atmosphere, and attentive service, this restaurant is a must-visit for food lovers and travelers alike.

Restaurant Features

Take-out Available

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Wheelchair Accessible

Totoya Reviews

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Very near to 壽司大, went there early to avoid lunch hour crowds, the patrons were mainly locals. They got an English menu and tge portion was big. We asked for less rice, but feel very full. The chicken soup was flavorful, and tsukune (meat ball) made with vegetables, making the 'service don' set my favorite option on the menu. Staff was friendly, and attentive to refill hot tea.


I ordered the サービス丼 and it was so good. It consists of chicken thigh and minced chicken (sukune). The chicken is very tender and so flavorful. There is a smoky flavor that goes well with the sauce. The sauce isn’t too salty and it was perfect. There is a sauce bottle on the table if you want more though. The price is reasonable and I definitely think you get you’re money’s worth.


We order take out. Very juice meat and very delicious Japanese barbecue sauce, we love the burnt skin. The set got 6 pcs of chicken plus greens, but the waiter told us take out will be no greens but 8 pcs. There is also set with chicken bottom available.


Translated from Japanese:

A yakitori bowl restaurant in Tsukiji. It's only open during the day, but it opens early at 10am. valuable. I came here on a weekday morning and was hungry. Service bowl. The meatballs and thighs are firmly on top, making it extremely delicious. There's a delicious restaurant like this nearby...


Translated from Japanese:

I think it's been about 20 years since I started going to Toya. I love this restaurant so much that I vaguely remember that my boss at the time first brought me there and I was impressed by the deliciousness. I used to walk...


Translated from Japanese:

Service bowl plus 1 piece of bonjiri: 1,350 yen You can enjoy meatballs, meatballs, and bonjiri at the same time. It was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and the sauce blended well with the rice, and the addition of the Japanese pepper I kept on the desk created a perfect balance. Recently built...

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